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Zora Neale Hurston

1-What inspired you to write books?
ZNH:There was things that needed to be said and no one was saying them.
2-Did you think it would be a success?
ZNH:No,I hoped it would but there’s no way to be one hundred percent sure about anything.
3-When did you start writing?
ZNH:I think I’ve always been a writer.
4-Did creating the newspaper when you were in college inspire you to say what you felt needed to be said?
ZNH:Yes, it made me what to put my opinion out there.
5-When you established the school of dramatic arts, did you take part in writing plays?
ZNH:I wrote short stories and they performed things inspired by them.
6-Did the relationship with your father affect your writing?
ZNH: It made me a stronger person.
7-Did the criticism you received for your writing make you a stronger writer?
ZNH:There’s a line between having a valid point and being rude. I felt a lot of them crossed that line,but it still made me a strong writer.
8-Is there anything that you regret doing?
9-Were you always independent?
ZNH:Yes, I like having control over everything aspect in my life.
10-Is there a specific reason you got married so many times?
ZNH:They didn’t understand me and I would rather be alone than have bad company.

There’s a writer that has bought a lot of meaning to American history.She has a great skill of explaining her ideas through story.She has always wanted express herself and she found that writing was the perfect way. Today she has written 4 novels and 50 short stories,plays and essays. Here with us is the great Zora Neale Hurston!
She is a great women.Her writing has bought people together and her stories will be part of history. She accomplished some incredible things.Her accomplishments will always play apart in our day to day…...

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