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1.Washington Created the First Presidential Cabinet. Who Was on the Cabinet, and What Departments Did They Represent? Who Is on the Cabinet Today, and What Departments Do They Represent?

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A communication style means how individuals interact with one another and the messages they send, intentionally or not, through their behaviors.
Communication is something we do every day and something that we must learn to do from day one in order to interact with others and become responsible as a member of society. We must learn to constantly improve our communication skills in order to express to other what we need and what we are feeling and to help others with their needs and problems.
There are many better ways that we all communicate with each other every day. Verbal communication is one that we use. Speaking with one another and saying what we feel is one of our first steps of communication. We also communicate with our actions and expressions. Sometimes we can say more with the expression on our face than we can with words. Non-verbal forms of communications such as expressions and hand action can be an extremely powerful form of communication and an excellent way to get your message across.
Another form of non-verbal communication is writing. Many people do not use this form as much as the others, but it can be one of the strongest and positive forms of communication. Writing down your thoughts or ideas allows you to organize them and say exactly what you want in a professionally orderly style. Some people do not even realize how often they do use writing to get their messages to others. Written letters have fallen out of style, but with the invention of the internet, many people have started using writing much more every day. Instant Messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication being utilized today.
The skills that we develop in communications are vital in order for us to have more relations personally and professionally. The relations that we gain help us to grow while providing us a resource for providing good communications.


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