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10 Skills for Mapping Your Journey to Partnership

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10 Skills for Mapping Your Journey to Partnership

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 28, 2013 in CPA Career Development, Firm Practice Management, Guest Blogger
Do you have firm partnership in your sights? If so, good for you! Although there is no “one size fits all” approach for a senior manager to become partner, there are steps CPAs can take to strengthen their skills, expand their knowledge and develop personal characteristics that can bring them closer to achieving their goal. Beyond working hard to stand out, here are some things we did that helped us better position ourselves to become partners at our firm, Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, PC. You may want to consider these tips as you set out on the road to partnership. 1. Understand the “big picture.” Your firm wants leaders who can tackle meaty projects and offer valued insights that strengthen the firm long-term. Show you get the “big picture,” understand where your firm is coming from and how you contribute to the “big picture.” 2. Develop your listening and speaking skills. Without a doubt, listening is the most important skill you can possess in dealing with clients, understanding their concerns and providing them with the best possible service. Additionally, truly listening to staff and fellow partners is how you can demonstrate strong leadership, compassion and interest within the firm. Speaking is similarly important. Our firm encourages our senior CPAs to give internal presentations and take advantage of external opportunities to speak as well. Practice is the only way to build your confidence and become comfortable with speaking in front of an audience, whether they are clients, community leaders or other partners. 3. Build confidence on conflict resolution. Will you be able to reprimand an employee? Broach a tough topic with a client or with your fellow partners? Expert conflict…...

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