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A Study of Mathematics Infusion in Middle School Technology Education Classes

1. CITATION. What report study is this? Record a complete reference citation.
Burghardt, D. M., Hecht, D., Russo, M., Lauckhardt, J., & Hacker, M. (2010). A study of mathematics infusion in middle school technology education classes. Journal of Technology Education, 22(1), 58-74.

2. PURPOSE AND GENERAL RATIONALE. In broad terms what was the purpose of the study, and how did the author(s) make a case for its general importance?
The purpose of the study is about mathematical achievement in the United States has been below the level attained by students in other countries, with American students becoming notably behind once they reach late middle school. In order to overcome this authors came with different approaches which an add to teacher’s professional development (PD) requirements, varying curriculum, and adding additional STEM classroom time and connected curriculum is one of the approach chosen for this and this is applied by using mathematics as the thread that links Science, Technology, and Engineering curriculum together

3. FIT AND SPECIFIC RATIONALE. How does the topic of the study fit into the existing research literature, and how is that provenance used to make a specific case for the investigation?
This case study fits into the existing research literature because this case study discusses the approach of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), which is a Connected Curriculum where mathematics used as a connector to other technologies. It also discusses about STEM Symposium and the Bedroom design mechanism project designed to increase STEM content

4. PARTICIPANTS. Describe who was studied [give number and characteristics] and how they were selected.
Student participants were from 8th grade ETE classrooms in 13 middle schools in New York…...

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