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A Memorable Talk
If you ask me what scenes impress me most? I will tell you a simple but memorable talk with my classmate. I could well remember it happened on the way to a gathering with my high school classmates, which was held in a cafe in the last spring festival.
At that day, I dressed a little different with a pair of minipants and a shiny Martin boots, and most importantly, I made up a bit for the first time in my life. So on the way to the cafe, my high school classmate immediately flattered me and complemented on how I looked beautifully with the changes I made, driving me to be so proud of myself. However, not long later, the idea of me being the most beautiful and successful one among my classmates soon vanished.

It broke my heart and even embarrassed me when she told me she had read a great amount of books over the past year, coveing philosophy, psychology, and a book of autobiography . Besides, she travelled around our country with nobody but her own self. I doubted her courage but she assured me that it was after reading those books that changed her mind. They gave her great inspiration. She told me all the interesting things happened in the past year, and suggested me to grab the opportunity of studying in college for it could really make some differences in my life. What a confident, active and intelligent girl she is. Her amazing experiences are completely out of my expectation, for in my opinion she was once a most chicken-hearted student who didn't dare to do anything alone. However, after one short year, she became a brave and independent girl. On the contrary, what I’ve been addicted to was beauty, shopping and moving which I experience little before. Not only didn't I focus on my study, but also care not on my family, my friends, and even my own life.
I want to show my most sincere gratitude to my best classmate for if without her and…...

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