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1984 Apple Marketing

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Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

1. Apples 1984 commercial was one of the best of its time. Addressing social issue of conformity and government control that were big in the 1980’s with the USSR expanding. The principles of 1984 were close to people’s minds. It had an unheard of budget of $900,000. It was a time before Microsoft dominance were IBM was the big competitor in the computing game. Apple in that era pushed innovation through there graphic design interface. Where IBM pushed boring boxes for computers. The 1984 was highly successful with over 3.5 million dollars of Macintoshes were sold after the ad ran; Although Apple 1984 is a great commercial and used and innovative approach that was not seen before in marketing it is not the greatest. It was only aired twice. Other commercials like Where Is the Beef? Or Plop Plop Fizz Fizz or Coke Big Joe Green have much more play time and a better overall return on investment, having spinoffs. Apples commercial has not aged well because they don’t sell Macintosh anymore and their symbol has completely changed. Where where’s the Beef? Is still relevant. Having a much lower cost of production and played over and over again. Apple movie was like a master piece that did well at the box office not amazing. It is like Shawshank redemption a critically acclaimed movie. Maybe the best of all time but not the most profitable for the movie studios. Great cinematically and innovative using new marketing techniques but did not provide the best return.

2. For me the best Commercial was Cokes Big Joe Green. It was a 60second add that first played on October first 1979 but its latter airing on the super bowl brought it more attention. One of the biggest reasons that it is better than Apple is it played significantly more than Apples 1984 commercial which played twice. Another thing it has going for it is that it aged better. The Big Joe Green ad could still air today and people would recognize Coke and maybe want a Coke. Where Apple 1984 ad has aged significantly. Apple logo is different. Apple does not even sell Macintosh anymore and the effects are horrible compared to today’s standards. In 2015 it was used as a commercial in the Daytona 500. It also was spoofed by Cokes competitors. An example is Pepsi and Shaq. It is referenced a lot in popular culture examples are Family Guy, Futurama, Star Wars Clone war episode and even Coke has made a parody with Troy Polamalu. Apple ad was great but had no replay value only airing twice and has not aged well. One of the greatest of its time but overall there are commercials that reach through generations like Big Joe Green and coke which has been played through generations and is a relevant part of history. 3. The target audience for the commercial 1984 was young people who were up with technology. The target demographic focused more toward males because more males watched the super bowl back then and more males were focused on computers and coding than females in the 1980’s so they hit their target market pretty well. The age group it was targeting was toward younger generation from teen to early thirties. Those trying to push computers to the limit and rebel against societal norms. This is shown by the main character being younger and rebelling against the same old thing. Breaking the mold of big brother and conformity. The positioning that Apple is taking innovation. Pushing innovation past the normal boring conformity.

Apple keeps the attention by making the commercial 60 seconds vs the normal 30. They also make it more like an action movie. Only in the end revealing that they are selling a product. Where most commercials in the 1980’s the product was the whole focus.
Apple keeps the viewers interest by having a young attractive Female in a tank top.
Also having a high production value making it look like a movie vs a commercial. Making you less likely to turn away with their costumes and special effects saying what is this? Keeping you enthralled because of the chase. Will she get away? What will happen? Also having dissonance created by the black and white of everyone except the girl in the tank top who was in full color.
The desire of the commercial is to push how innovative Apple is compared to IBM. They are breaking with the norms and placing a whole new product that is innovative. I wan
The whole commercial is one action packed commercial. With her running from the thought police and finally breaking the conformity by throwing the hammer into the TV. Showing that apple is exciting making people say I want that lifestyle. Taking action toward buying a Macintosh. 4. If I were Steve Jobs I would have played the commercial. Even though the board of directors hated the commercial. Both he and Steve Wozniak loved it. They had already spent between $370,000–$900,000 on it. The worst that could happen is failure. High risk, High reward. A majority of products fail. A majority of commercials don’t work. I would have thought we already spent all this money and I like the product what is the most we could lose? Also it was different and broke with conformity of the time. It could help push the difference between them and IBM. 5. It was a 60 second add to cram all the action into it. Also advertising cost have increased significantly compared to 1984. In 1984 a 30 second add cost 525,000$ double that for the Apple add. Where today a 30 second ad cost 4.5 million. In 1984 dollars that is $1,946,211. Meaning that it would be even more risky to air a 60 second today than in the past. . Paying double for the same viewership is not smart unless you can get double the return on investment. The commercial would cost too much for almost any non tech company today and not ad anything of meaning because most commercials can project there message thoroughly in a 30 second add that a 60 second add is superfluous . This is why with Super bowl commercials are generally 30 seconds with them more expensive than ever and the economy in a recession meaning companies have less to spend. Most companies do not feel that the risk of a 60 second ad is worth the reward. Most companies do not even have 4.5 million in there marketing budget only some of the biggest do.…...

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