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4 Ps of Karbonn

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Product * Karbon mobiles manufactures different types of mobile phones which includes regular phones, touch screen phones, camera phones and smart phones. Karbonn mobile have Karbonn ‘A’ series, Karbonn ‘K’ series and Karbonn ‘S’series. * Karbonn ‘K’ series includes keypad and touch screen phones. In this series they provide camera, dual sim, internet, and entertainment(media player, FM and games) etc.Karbonn ‘K’ series is very popular in rural areas. Karbonn ‘K’ series have keypad and touch screen system so it is very easy to use. Karbonn ‘K’ series includes 5 mp camera which comes in very costly mobiles. * Karbonn ‘A’ series includes android and smartphones which is very popular in professional life and young generation. Karbonn ‘A’ series includes primary and secondary camera, web page internet system, multi task system, wi-fi, android application support etc. This is also in line with the 'Duple Series' advertisement campaign which centric to Karbonn Smart's new advertising positioning, aims at connecting with the evolving Indian youth with offbeat, humorous & engaging messaging. They are confident that this new campaign will help Karbonn Mobiles to engage better with their consumers, thus enhancing the brand imagery for the smartphone segment in the market. * Karbonn ‘S’ Series is the smartphone which include Kabonn Titanium S5. Titanium S5 running on quad core processor.
Karbonn has recently launched this product.
Product series | Price Distribution | Karbonn ‘K’ series | 700-3000 | Karbonn ‘A’ series | 3000-7800 | Karbonn ‘S’ series | 7800-10000 | * Karbonn mobiles first introduced Karbonn ‘K’ series. That time they place the price of Karbonn ‘K’ series below Rs. 1000 that any person can buy their product. Karbonn ‘K’ series gets very popular amongst customer. * Karbonn ‘A’ series when introduced in the…...

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