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A Brief Analysis of Rick and Morty

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A Brief of Analysis of Rick and Morty
The adventures and often misadventures of this grandson and grandpa duo along with their family members are a delight and often downright absurd to watch. There are moments of preposterous incidents that'll leave with a stupefied expression and then immediately sent you off into fits of laughter. It is a highly entertaining show, where their exploits cross over multiple universes and dimensions and often end up interacting with beings from another world, trying to catapult the series into the fringes of possible realms within comprehension. But it has the titular characters sharing a close bond while simultaneously possessing eccentric personalities to keep us intrigued; the other characters of the family are also slowly developing into their own unique identities and the whole lot of them makes for a weird family group. The crux of the humour remains the sheer absurd and often mind-boggling adventures they get themselves into and each one of them unique and taut with different dosages of effective comedy.
The brilliant drunk scientist whose highly developed intelligence has him building incredible devices of extraordinary powers like that of his portal gun - used to create inter - dimensional portals to other universes and even timelines. He is a pessimistic atheist whose demeanour is that of a wisecracking jester but obstinately drunk and erratic. His relationship with his daughter ( Beth ) forces her to loan the garage to his various schemes of mischievous scientific madness and also to stay with them in spite of her husband's initial insistence to send him off to a nursing home. Morty is a passive, insecure yet extremely agitated 14-year-old, whose boring and mundane life goes into ultimate chaos and unpredictability during his various adventures with his grandpa and often ends up nearly destroying their lives and world and…...

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