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A Brief Overview on Service Quality Hand Book of Brac Bank

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BRAC Bank is on a journey to establish world-class guest experience in all its operations. This will be achieved by focusing on people, infrastructure, technology, products and processes. This is the most fundamental aspect for the success of their business. It will improve their financial performance through creating happy guests through happy team members. The guidelines in this book should be adopted [where relevant]. HR strongly recommends that employees adopt these guidelines even in their personal lives so that these behaviors become natural.
The two main objectives of this hand book are to help BSSO (Branch Sales and Service Officer) achieve excellence in Guest Experience and ensure Service Quality.

‘BRAC’ Bank Guest Experience Fundamentals
These guidelines will help us to achieve ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience standards-
1) Bold – BSSO will be BOLD on behalf of their guests and colleagues. They will be the first to greet, first to listen, first to make suggestions, first to satisfy even the unexpressed needs and to bid a fond farewell.
2) Reliable – BSSO will take full ownership in serving their guests to their complete satisfaction.
3) Appealing – They will ensure that all guest touch points are appealing and inviting.
4) Consistent – It is also necessary to ensure that guest experience quality is consistent in all aspects across all guest service points all the time.

The Five Essential Areas of Excellence in Guest Experience [5P’s]:
BRAC Bank guest experience standards will apply to the five aspects for excellence in guest experience listed below;
• People – The team who serves our guests
• Premises – the locations from which they serve guests.
• Papers – the documents they use to provide & receive information and communicate with guests and colleagues.
• Processes – the processes that enable the employees to delight their guests
• Practices – the way in which they interact with guests.

The Owners of ‘BRAC’ Bank Guest Experience Quality;
Each team member at BRAC bank has to take OWNERSHIP and FULLY COMPLY with the guidelines of this document. The managers in charge of guest service points and the various support functions will ensure compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by their teams. They will be held accountable if any of their team members fail to comply with these guidelines. The management committee is responsible for the compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by all team members from the managers up to themselves in their respective line of command. The Managing Director is responsible for the compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by the management committee members.

The ‘BRAC’ Bank Guest Experience Standards
The BRAC Bank guest experience guidelines are designed to help all team members contribute towards achieving the following guest experience standards:
 Every guest should feel that he/she is being treated as a personal guest
 Every guest should have a positive image of the bank so that they wholeheartedly refer BRAC Bank to others
 Every guest should receive one stop service
 Every guest must receive open and transparent communication
 Every guest must be informed about relevant rules, guidelines, charges and any changes to these up front

The Process: General Compliance

Those responsible for the various team members should take the following steps in the event they notice any team member violating any demonstrable ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience guidelines.

First time – A letter of caution to be issued and coaching to be provided the first time a team member violates the guidelines.
Second time – If the same team member violates the same guideline for the second time, the head of HR should be informed who will issue a warning letter.
Third time – The employee will be terminated if the same guideline is violated for the third time.
Exceptions: If a team member cannot follow any of these guidelines due to health or religious reasons prior written approval should be obtained from the line manager.

Detailed guidelines
The guidelines below are listed under the 5P’s.


The ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience ‘People’ deals with proper attitude and behavior of all team members. The aspects include;

1.1 Be purposeful: Team members should come to work after having reflected on their personal purpose and with a resolve to move a step further towards their purpose by positively approaching their work.

1.2 Punctuality: Team members should be punctual. In case of unforeseen circumstances, if any team member is likely to be late he/she should inform his/her line manager, host or guest. He/she should also communicate the reason for the delay and the likely time of arrival before the appointed time. Meetings should be called at least 2 working days before hand.

1.3 Behavior: Each team member should treat each other as ladies and gentlemen. Harsh and disrespectful words, racial slurs, loud voice, aggressive body language, etc. should be avoided at all times.

1.4 Facial expression: Team members should always have a smile on the face to display a friendly, helpful and caring attitude when dealing with guests and fellow team members.

1.5 Body language: Body language should be smart and prompt to make guests feel that team members are dedicated to work.

1.6 Competency: Team members should have a fair knowledge of products, services, campaigns of BRAC Bank and the competitors’, as well as BRAC bank’s policies and Bangladesh bank policies. Each team member should have completed the certification for their role.

1.7 Information sharing: Each team member should proactively share ideas, information and experiences so that we learn from each other to enhance excellence in guest experience.

1.8 Personal care: All employees should take personal care by doing regular exercises, taking balanced and nutritional meals on time, sleeping early, and taking at least 7 hours of sleep every day, waking early and practicing mind relaxing methods such as meditation.

1.9 Hair: Hair should be neat and should be in good condition. Team members should never comb their hair in front of the guests.

1.10 Eyes: Eyes should be clean and clear at all times. Red eyes are not acceptable. Glasses should be crystal clear so that eyes are properly visible. Contact lenses should be professional.

1.11 Nose: Nasal hair should not be visible. No nose picking in public.

1.12 Ears: Ears should be cleaned of wax if any for clear hearing and understanding of the needs of guests and colleagues. Earrings are prohibited for male team members.

1.13 Mouth: Mouth should be free of bad breath. Teeth should be clean and no tooth picking in public.

1.14 Face: Males should have clean shaven faces or well trimmed beards. Ladies should wear professional looking cosmetics and make up.

1.15 Body: Team members should use under arm roll-on or spray deodorant adequately so that there is no body odor. Smokers should ensure that smoke smell does not emanate from mouth or body. Tattoos and Hena tattoos should not be visible. Inappropriate body piercing is prohibited.

1.16 Hand: Hands and nails should be neat and clean for a proper handshake. If nail polish is used, the colour of the nail polish should be professional [colours such as black, dark green, blue etc should be avoided].

1.17 Clothes and accessories: Clothing should be clean and well ironed. It should be professional and simple. Those who are required to wear uniform should wear them all the time.
• Ladies: Dress code for female team members should be decent Salwar Kameez, saree, ankle length skirt, trouser with long sleeve shirt. Orrnas should be worn decently. Collarless/ sleeveless t-shirt, sleeveless blouse, sleeveless Salwar-Kameez, deep necked/low back tops, short skirt, jeans and sneakers are strictly prohibited. Team members should wear culturally fit dress of sober colours and should not wear dresses that make noise. Accessories worn should be of minimum in quantity [bangles] and small in size [necklace and earrings etc]. If anklets are worn, they should not make any sound.
• Gentleman: All team members should wear decent and professional looking shirts and trousers. Those who are required to wear tie and coat should wear matching colours. Ties and the knots should be in good shape. Dirty or button less shirts should be avoided. No extra threads should be visible. Long sleeve shirts should be worn and shirt sleeves should be buttoned and should not be folded, Collarless T-shirts, jeans, loud coloured shirts are strictly prohibited. Men should wear black/brown leather belts that matches the cloths with smart professional looking buckles.
• Attire for dress down day: Back office staff can choose to dress in Smart Casual attire on dress down days. However, the guidelines with regard to professionalism and decency applicable for normal working days should be followed by all team members.

1.18 Shoes and socks: Men should wear black or dark brown shoes with dark socks of a matching colour. Shoes should be polished and socks should be clean. Ladies should wear professional well coordinated shoes with low heels. Shoes should not have accessories that make noise. Open sandals (without heels), sneakers, slippers and gym shoes are strictly prohibited for all.

1.19 Identity: Every team member at front line guest service points must wear his/her name tag at all times.


Premises deal with the physical appearance of guest service points as well as areas where the guests do not access. They should be maintained in a professional and comfortable manner. The following are the guidelines which need to be followed to create the desired work environment.

2.1 Outside appearance of the premises: The exterior of each bank’s premises should be well maintained. Team members should not smoke in front of the premises.
2.2 Signboard: Signature must be clearly visible and the information given in the signage must be accurate. Signage with lights should be lit at night subject to local authority guidelines.

2.3 Entrance: Entrances to premises should be inviting, clean and uncluttered.

2.4 Staircase: Staircases should be well maintained, cleaned and should be uncluttered so that people can move in and out very smoothly without a problem. They have to climb on the left side and do not stop and have conversations on the stairways.

2.5 Elevators: Elevators should be kept neat and clean. Team members have Wait and keep the entrance clear until those inside exit the elevator before they enter. The person standing near the control panel should press the required numbers of the other passengers.

2.6 Interior: Interior must be well maintained and they should be spotlessly clean. All team members should take the responsibility to keep it clean. They should pick up any garbage they see on the floor and put it in the bin.

2.7 Internal signage: Internal signage should be maintained regularly so that they are clean, in good working order and the contents should be legible & accurate. They should be maintained according to the brand guidelines.

2.8 Lighting: The right amount of lighting with the correct lighting colours should be maintained.

2.9 Temperature & freshness: The temperature should be maintained at a comfortable level. Where available air conditioners should be noise free. Fans should be clean and in working order. Ventilation should be proper.

2.10 Guest seating: Guest seating areas and facilities should be neat, clean and comfortable.

2.11 Newspapers and magazines: Always ensure the newspapers, magazines and periodicals provided in guest waiting areas are current.

2.12 TV channels: Appropriate TV channels such as news, cartoons, nature and sports should be shown in the in-branch televisions wherever applicable. Scary, indecent channels are prohibited. Sound should be muted or at low level.

2.13 Tissue box: Guest care desk should have a box of facial tissues.

2.14 Brochures and posters: Brochures should be current and displayed in a manner that it is inviting for the guests to pick them up. Posters should be displayed prominently and professionally.

2.15 Plants: Always ensure that plants inside and outside the premises are neatly placed in clean vases and they should have fresh leaves.

2.16 Desks and counters: Desks and counters should be maintained in a professional and uncluttered manner. Papers should be filed and stored in the appropriate places.

2.17 Computers and accessories: Computers and accessories should be maintained according to IT guidelines.

2.18 Phones: Avoid using phones of others for hygiene reasons; however, this guideline does not apply in relation to serving our guest. Use antiseptics at least once a day to clean your phones. Phones should be easily accessible.

2.19 Wires: Electric, phone and computer wires should not be exposed.

2.20 Fax and photocopy machines: Fax and photocopy machines should be maintained according to GAIS guidelines. Papers should be kept only in the designated places.

2.21 Water dispensers: Water dispensers should be kept only in the dining or other appropriate place away from the visibility of the guests.

2.22 Crockery & cutlery: Crockery & cutlery should be in good shape and they should be stored in a clean and a hygienic manner. Tea, coffee, milk, sugar etc should be also stored in a hygienic and neat manner.

2.23 Toilet: There should be no bad smell in the toilets. There should be dry floors, clean basins, clean towels, soaps and toilet rolls. Toilets should be cleaned regularly and air freshener should be in place.

2.24 Towels and linen: Towels and linen should not be kept in visible locations. They should be stored in a designated location. Fresh clean towels should be available everyday.

2.25 ATMS: ATM booths should be well lit, clean, insect-free and well maintained. Air temperature must be maintained at comfortable level. Brochure stands should be clean and contain current brochures.

2.26 Guest locker room: The lockers should be maintained well. Mirrors, tables and seating arrangements should be clean. Locker rooms should not be cluttered.

2.27 Store room: Store rooms should be orderly, neat and clean.

2.28 Non-smoking premises: All BRAC Bank premises other than designated smoking areas are smoke-free zones.


Papers deal with the documents we use to provide & receive information and communicate with our guests and colleagues.
3.1 Paper selection: Outgoing letters should be printed on BRAC Bank letter heads according to the template provided for routine letters and as required for ad hoc letters.

3.2 Names and salutation: While drafting letters, name of the recipient and salutation should be correct. The most appropriate salutation should be used.

3.3 Word selection: Right words should be selected during drafting letters so that the meaning is clear. Respectful, positive and active tone should be used. The tone should be confident. Letters should not be unnecessarily long. Letters should be concise and elegant.

3.4 Identity of the person generating external letters: Where applicable, the person generating external letters should sign on the name, designation, contact phone number and email address.

3.5 Spelling and grammar: The accuracy of letters [information, spelling and grammar] should be ensured. A second person should proof read all letters before printing and posting of the letters.

3.6 Printing and signing of letters: Ensure the papers and inks are of good quality. A good quality pen should be used for signing of documents.

3.7 Manager awareness: Where applicable, all external letters must be seen by the service point manager or sectional manager before [or after in case of urgent letters] they are sent.

3.8 Envelopes: Appropriate envelope size should be used and the address should be placed properly as per brand guidelines.

3.9 Forms: Guest should be guided to fill documents such as charge documents [which has a legal implication if NOT filled by the guest]. Ensure they are filled completely, accurately and neatly by double checking the supporting documents. Make sure the forms are checked and signed by the guest. Forms filled for internal purposes such as leave or requisitions should be filled completely, accurately and neatly.

3.10 Reports: Reports generated for external or internal purposes should be checked for accuracy and should be professionally prepared and presented.


4.1 All team members should be fully aware of and fully understand the processes relating to the servicing of our guests.

4.2 All team members should support each other in ensuring the effective and efficient implementation of processes.

4.3 All team members should provide suggestions to improve process as and when they feel the need for it.

4.4 All team members should take part in a quality circle and share process improvement ideas at least once a month.

4.5 All processes should be delivered according to the BRAC Bank standards as documented in the “Guest Experience Standards Manual”


This deals with the practices required to ensure a heartfelt interaction to provide a memorable experience to guests every time they interact with the bank. It deals with ensuring a warm welcome, fulfilling the expressed and unexpressed needs of the guests and bidding a fond farewell. Team members’ communication may be in Bangla, English or any other language deemed appropriate.

5.1 First Impression is the last impression: Focus on creating a positive first impression by attending to the guests professionally and in a friendly manner.

5.2 Smile and eye contact: Team members should have a genuine smile and maintain eye contact while talking to a guest.

5.3 Hand shake: Team members should not extend their hand to guests and colleagues of the opposite gender. Team members should extend their hand to guests and colleagues of the same gender. Irrespective of gender, if the guest initiates a hand shake the team member should respond in a culturally acceptable manner. Those team members who prefer not to shake hands should greet in an appropriate and respectful manner if guests or colleagues extend their hands. However, for frontline team members who are seated behind counters it may not be possible to shake hands. In this case, they must extend a heartfelt welcome to their guests.

5.4 Seating: Please allow your guests to take a seat first and then seat yourself.

5.5 Full attention: When attending to the guest, team members should provide undivided attention.

5.6 Greeting: Team members: The closest team member should greet the guest within 30 seconds of their entering the premises. Use appropriate greeting based on the time of the day. Eg: Assalamu Alaikum/good morning, madam, Welcome to BRAC Bank, my name is “name” I am your ”designation”.…...

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Intern Report on Brac Bank Limited

...INTERNSHIP REPORT ON HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION OF BRAC BANK LIMITED Prepared for: Farhana Nur Malik Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Prepared by: Shaba Mumtahena 05304010 Date of submission: September 23, 2010 BRAC University Letter Of Transmittal September 23, 2010 Farhana Nur Malik Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University Mohakhali, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Madam, This is my pleasure to present my internship report entitled “Internship Report On Human Resource Division of BRAC Bank Limited.” I have conducted my internship program in BRAC Bank Limited, Head Office, 1 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka – 1212, under your close supervision. I believe that knowledge and experience I gathered during the internship period will be helpful in my future professional life. I will be grateful to you if you accept the report. I will be available for defense on this report any time. Your support in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanking you. Sincerely yours’ ____________ Shaba Mumtahena ID – 05304010 Acknowledgement Completion of this report has made me grateful to a number of persons. First of all I would like to acknowledge my supervisor and teacher Farhana Nur Malik not only for giving the opportunity to prepare the report but also for providing me the opportunity to improve the report by extending the submission deadline on this semester. She was also available when I needed......

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Recruitment Process and Training & Development of Brac Bank

...Chapter 01: Introduction • Overview of the Organization •Objective of the report •Scope of the report •Methodology of the report •Limitations of the report 1.1. BRAC Bank Limited– An Overview of the Organization BRAC Bank Limited is a fully service oriented commercial bank. It has both local and International Institutional shareholder. BRAC Bank has been motivated to provide “best-in-the-class” services to its different variety of customers spread across the country under a non-line banking dais. At present, BRAC Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in the country. In order to support the planned growth of its distribution, network and its various business segments, BRAC Bank is currently looking for impressive goal oriented, enthusiastic, individuals for various business operations. The bank wants to build a profitable and socially responsible financial institution. It carefully listen to the market and business potentials, It is also assisting BRAC and stakeholders to build a progressive, healthy, democratic and poverty free Bangladesh. It helps make communities and economy of the country stronger and to help people achieve their financial goals. The bank maintains a high level of standards in everything for our customers, our shareholders, our acquaintances and our communities upon, which the future affluence of our company rests. According to the Half-Yearly Financial Statement of......

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Hr Practice of Brac Bank Bangladesh

...BBA program, consisting of theoretical exposure, the students are required to obtain different types of experiences gathered from different organizations, field work, and the presentation based on them. We have tried our best to use this opportunity to enrich my knowledge on banking system and also incorporate my knowledge, which I have learned from my classes. 1.2 Background of the study Practical Knowledge has no alternative especially for BBA student. We worked as an Intern in The BRAC Bank Ltd, HR Division. After doing the study, we have to make a Report. The report covers “HR practice of BRAC Bank Limited”. This report gives a narrative overview of the overall HR practice of BRAC Bank Limited. This report explains the nature and objective of the Human Resource Division as well as its functioning. As a fully commercial bank, The BRAC Bank Limited is being managed by a highly professional and dedicated team with long experience in banking Human Resource Division of BRAC Bank Limited focuses on the recruitment of best employees to understanding and anticipating customer needs. However, since the information of Human Resource Division are confidential and sensitive in nature, so that we tried to construct this report with the help of available information. 1.3 Significance of the study For the partial fulfillment of the course HRM-202 we need to have some practical knowledge about human resource management and human resource practice for which a study......

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