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A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes" by Nagel, Blignaut, and Cronje,

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To make a long story mother passed away in July 2009, due to a mistake that the hospital made several times after a surgery. Her hospital records indicated that she has a reaction/allergic to heparin. It was injected into my mother on a hand full of occasion, causing her brain to die. I have contacted several lawyers, but they all said the same thing, "Due to her prior health conditions, we can not prove that she would have lived a minute after leaving the hospital\". My questions are quit valuable is human life, whether its one minute, one day, one year? How simple is it to read her medical records to see that she was given heparin, but records indicating her be allergic? Not faulting the lawyers, who did inform me that the court system/law says that you have to prove without a doubt that she would have had a life after the surgery, and that would be too costly for their firm. The hospital itself is at fault. Even when my sister told the nurse that she was allergic to it, he gave it to her anyway, saying, \"A little won't hurt her\". Granted, my mother was sleep at this time. We asked her doctor, Juan Crestinello about the heparin injections, and he claimed that he knew nothing about someone giving her heparin. But her hospital records state that he signed off on all of the injections. When are the hospital held accountable for their actions at the expense of someone’s life? She was a mother of 11, and was only in her 50\'s.

Statement written for Ohio Medical Board…….

My mother, Awanna V. Mock, passed due to heparin induces thrombocytopenia July 2009. However, her medical records indicate that she is allergic to or had allergic reaction to heparin in the past (had a negative reaction to heparin during her procedure). She was given this, on at least 5 occasions, which caused her to eventually go brain dead (stroke). Days before she…...

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