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A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine, but a Downcast Spirit Dries Up the Bones.

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A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.
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The phrase is common amongst the wise quotes. In addition, it a proverb that is an extract from the bible borrowed from the bible. It is one of the wise quotes that people should relate to in their daily life activities(Cohen, 1990). The main purpose of life is not to live in misery but to live a happy life. According to the proverb, we ought to be happy as happiness will make things work out for us. If we are not happy then things will work against us, and we will end in more misery than we were in the first place(Baumrucker, 2000). I agree fully with the proverb as it encourages people to be optimistic even in time when thing are not going their way. Having an optimistic mind will enable one to overcome the current atrocities that one is facing. Having a pessimistic approach of things worsens the current situation.
The proverb makes us hope for brighter things and brighter future. It encourages people to appreciate the situation they are experiencing(Baumrucker, 2000). The better we understand the situation we are in and give it a positive thing then the easier we will be able to move oneself from such unfavourable situation (Cohen, 1990). The proverb also stimulates the right thinking that is positive thinking. The capacity of the mind cannot be undermined; thinking depicts the person we are or become. A cheerful heart has a positive thinking behind it, and a broken spirit has negative thinking behind it. Therefore, a cheerful heart backed by positive thinking is good medicine while a downcast spirit backed with negative thinking dries up the bones.

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