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A Comparison of Community Psychology and Public Health

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In this assignment the key differences and similarities of community psychology and the public health approach will be examined and critically compared. Community Psychology is a branch of psychology which is concerned primarily with achieving positive mental health in the broader context of the community rather than the individual. Public health is primarily concerned and focused on changing behaviours within the context of the public in order to lower the incidence of disease and lower the workload placed on professional medical practitioners.

Community psychology is a relatively new field as far as the behaviour sciences go and was only established as a solution to the capitalistic and individualistic approach psychology had become after the Second World War. It does not stand as a unique and recognised field at the moment as there is little research and theories available in order to support further development. It is for this reason that when faced with challenges community psychology often reverts back to methods of individual psychotherapy.

This damages the ultimate process and outcomes the initiatives. Community psychology also criticises conventional psychology for being elitist and only catering to the wealthy portion of the community as well as ignoring the low income groups who require the services. Community psychology strives to create equality to all social groups and therefore can often seem over simplistic in its approaches and proposed solutions. Many criticisms have been made and much resistance has been met as the programs often developed by community psychologists, with the whole community in mind, would require resources, man power and funding from the government. In a capitalist setting, the poor staying poor benefits the rich and therefore is a difficult process to altar.…...

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