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A Pathway to Permanency

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Immigration and Immigrants
A Pathway to Permanency

Immigration and Immigrants:
A Pathway to Permanency

American culture has been shaped by immigrants from all around the world dating back to the founding of this country. Since the beginning, people have migrated to the United States for relief and opportunity. The United States is currently experiencing a new wave of immigration; namely Latinos. Many of whom are migrating to escape the dangers of their homeland. Others are migrating to move beyond the political chaos and economic deprivation of their countries in hopes of having an opportunity at the American Dream and all of its promises. It can be agreed that immigrants come to the United States for the betterment of themselves and their families. However, their dreams are often shattered by the obstacles of gaining residency and citizenship no matter the length of the time they have resided in the United States. While immigrants are the foundation of our nation, immigration regulations were put into place in the 1700’s and has undergone changes throughout the years. Over the past several decades, there has been an emphasis on immigrants’ impact on our economy. In our current state combined with the vast amount of illegal immigrants entering and residing in the United States, immigration and immigrants are significant to America’s success. Our country’s international stature is dependent upon the advancements we make to enhance the lives of our young immigrant population; by considering our academic and employment opportunities through their status as residents. With the Latino population expected to become the majority of the United State population, it is a significant time to continue pushing for advancements in immigration reform and provide opportunities to youths and young adults who migrated at a young age and identify as Americans. It is time to…...

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