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A Silver Bullet

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Brian Williams
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October 1st 2013
A Silver Bullet Switzerland, is known for it’s myriad of mountains; each peak containing their own unique features and secrets. On one of these snowy sierras lies the world- renown workshop, Hansjurg Kesslerâ€. In this workshop one of the finest snowboards known to the world is created, The Kessler. Originating in 1988, Kessler was established to build boards that exceeded the current standard of snowboards. Boards that were built with the best material to give the rider the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Boards that could handle any condition with ease and swiftness. Boards that accelerate down racecourses, handle any corner and turn, and land racers on the podium. Hansjuerg Kessler, the creator of Kessler snowboards, sought out to give this board to the world. Blending his passion for innovation and many years of snowboard designing, the board of his and snowboarding community dreams, was born. Through trial and error, Kessler has contrived a board of such prestige that is has been identified as the reason for countless victories amongst snowboarder races worldwide.
If anything shows the success of any item it would be the awards it receives and Kessler has plenty to boast. They have had team racers win multiple medals in the Olympics and are practically seen on every world cup podium. In the race world, Kessler has definitely made a name for itself. Just last year Andreas Promegger won his 9th world cup victory on a Kessler board Other sponsored team racers like, Tomoka Takeuchi, won her 1st world cup victory and Victor Wild his 3rd place. These wins aren’t only due to racers’ skill on a Kessler, but how the Kessler is flexible to each rider’s individual style. Racers such as Andreas and Tomoka, who came from different teams, have each developed different unique riding style’s. Once one of…...

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