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A Tough World

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Diana Rojas
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A tough world

As a ten year old you can say or think that life as this age is just about having fun, making friends, getting your homework done and at least pretend to do you shores at home. But not for me when I was ten years old I have lots of responsibilities on my shoulders, and I thought the world was extremely tough.
My mother just like any another mother in the world trying to give us the best of the world, making sure we all had what we need to be successful in life and making sure that we always have food in our plate. Until the age of seven we can say we were the happiest family in the world, we had everything we needed and we had nothing to worry about.
One day as we came back from a day with my grandmother we found my mom crying and as we walk towards her she asks us to sit down because she need to talk to us. I was nine years old and I was so scary of what she was going to say I thought the worst had happen. She said “Diana, Edward and Angie I just want to let you know that no matter what happen I don’t what you guys to think that what happen was any of your fault” She continue “ Daddy has decided to leave us for a while and I don’t know when we will be back, I’m sorry” I was so confuse and I did not understand what just had happen. At the beginning I was very angry and hurt.
As the months past I began to notice that we did not have as much food as we use to and my mom seem very worry. Until one Sunday morning she ask me to walk with her, as we went walking she begin with “I’m sorry,” I thought to my self what now. She said, “I know that you have notice that now we are struggling to buy food and pay for private. I was hoping that your life was not going to be affected when your dad and I separated but it is going to be and I’m sorry for that.” Starting this Monday I’m going to have to start a second job…...

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