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On reaching Vrindavan,one’s ears doesn’t have to wait much for hearing about a temple that doesn’t claim a historic past like most of other temples of vicinity-PREM MANDIR.It was advised that the sprawling temple should be visited after the sunset to which I complied obediently. As I reached the temple,I got stunned by its beauty.The changing colour of the temple’s lighting, seemed like changing costumes of Krishna ji, in his abode-Vrindavan.There were lights all around-the ones enhancing the beauty of the temple,the ones bringing life to non-living moving statues and that of human phones trying to encage this heaven like scene.With every passing glance,the feeling of surprise and pride in human craftsmanship reached new heights.The architecture blended well with the scene.It was only when I came out of this dream-like feeling that present triggered me-the present that was not so comforting. The thought of the half-naked beggars at a negligible distance from the temple served as an eye-opener.It reminded me of the statue creation where vasudeva protects Shri Krishna from the odds by carrying him over his head in a basket.Similarly,the money that had been used to sing of ‘’abstract religon’’,glories of god could have been used to provide hearty meals to hundreds for a hundred days!This remains a story of numerous places of worship in India.God definitely doesn’t need a lavish temple to “reside”.How about multiplying the soothing effect from merely visual pleasure to “inner happiness”,Humanity?…...

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