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Absolut Black Campaign

PR paper by Konstantinos Geros


CONTENTS | | History of Absolut | | History of Absolut Black | | Absolut’s Competitors | | Absolut’s Black Competitors | | Campaign Philosophy | | Goals and objectives | | Target market | | Strategies | | Timetable | | Communication | | Tactics | | Calendar | | News/press release draft | | Expectations | |

This paper accompanies the presentation for the proposed PR campaign of Absolut Vodka Black and gives some more detailed information and insight in that proposal.
History of Absolut
Distilled for the first time as Absolut Rent Branvin (or Absolute Pure Vodka) in 1879 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith and produced using a revolutionary new distillation method. The method was called rectification, a method we still use today. For years to come Lars Olsson Smith was engaged in a trade war against the state and the city of Stockholm because of the monopoly of distilled spirits. He opened a shop next to his distillery, bought several other distilleries, turn his focus towards other parts of the country, attacked existing distribution channels that were selling what he considered to be inferior products and even used labor unions to boycott retail outlets selling low quality products.
Despite his efforts, in 1917 Vin & Sprit AB (The Swedish Wine and Spirits Company) was established in 1917 as a state-owned monopoly for the import, export and production of all wine and spirits which eventually became synonymous with a long tradition of Swedish aquavit and vodka making know-how and a large portfolio of premium brands that were at the centre of Swedish dinner tables on festive occasions. So Absolut Vodka has now become part of the system which its inventor once fought.
In 1979, 100 years after its founding, the decision was made to export Absolut Vodka. The first consignment of Absolut Vodka was filled at the Εhus distillery on April 17, 1979 and Absolut Vodka went on sale for the first time in the US in Boston two months later. From there it went on to conquer not just the US market but the whole world, as to become a leader in the spirits market. Today, it’s the world’s fourth bestselling spirits brand. Absolut not only single-handedly created the concept of premium vodka, it also stretched the boundaries between advertising and art. Absolut is more than a classic product, it’s a creative force.
Absolut is now owned by French group Pernod Ricard who bought Absolut for €5.63 billion in 2008 from the Swedish state and has since become the largest international spirit brand and is available in more than 126 countries and 150 markets.

History of Absolut Black
Absolut 100 (Black) is the top premium brand of the Absolut Vodka Company. It has been in production since 2007 when it replaced the previous premium brand, the Absolut Vodka Red Label. The characteristics that make the Absolut 100 unique are that it is made from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar and unlike other vodkas that are distilled the usual three or four times, the vodka was distilled an infinite number of times. Also it is the only brand of the Absolut Vodka that uses a distinct black bottle so as to stand apart from the rest show its uniqueness throughout the competition

History of previous campaigns
The current PR campaign of the Absolut brand with slogan “transform today” follows the same policy of making the consumer the prime actor this time by urging him to control his future, to set his goals and to fullfill his dreams, firstly by transforming the present ( By making the optimum decision now you can realize your future wishes and this is the exact message of the spot.
Absolut’s competitors
Absolut may find itself at the retentive stage but its main competitors continue the efforts of reaching its popularity. Absolut’s main vodka competitors are Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, Finlandia and 42 below. Smirnoff is very famous for its successful brand extensions, Stolichnaya is considered a very popular brand in the export markets rather than the domestic. Finlandia belongs in the same group with Southern Comfort and Jack Daniels and 42 below is owned by Bacardi since 2007.

Absolut’s Black competitors
Absolut Black find itself at the competitive stage and needs to prove its value on a daily basis so as to gain market share and maintain competitive advantage. The competition is rather tough at this stage and the basic competitors are Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere and Skyy. Grey Goose has french origins and was also bought by Bacardi for 2 billions. Ciroc is a french vodka as well and it partnered with rapper Puff Daddy to attract the youth and pop audience. Belvedere is known as “The original luxury vodka” and comes from Poland and Skyy is one of the most popular brands in the US.

Campaign Philosophy
The philosophy of this proposed campaign will follow the overall brand philosophy which has been set and follwoed through the years and has led the brand to be at the top of tis market. It aims to keep the high standards that the brand is known to its consumers and by that to show that it keeps going strong despite it has no need to do so as a result of being number one. It will show that our product has a place in the life of every prospect and merits a place beside him in every trasformation and important aspect of his life.

The main goals of this campaign are the following: * Retain the product at the top of its market and even raise its market-share * Increase awareness in all audiences * Position the product as part of peoples life and remind them that it is not going anywhere

Target Market
As a spirits brand our target audience for start is the whole consuming audience that are of legal age in accordance with each country’s laws and regulations. Absolut Black is a top premium brand of better quality and higher price thus the proposed campaign has a specific target audience according to the philosophy of the product. So the target audience of the prospects that the campaign is aiming has the following characteristiques: * Ages of 28+ * High personal and proffesional aspirations * High and higher level of education * Working experience and goal achievments * Succesfull

The following strategies are planned so by their succesful implementation, the goals set can be achieved. Those strategies are the following: * Advertising and promotion throughout all the media, classic and new, prinetd and electronic. * Organization of promotional events with Absolut Black theme * Run contest across our social media * Sponsor major sport event

The campaign is going to run for three months. It is going to be broke down in two major parts. The first two months are going to be the ones where heavy advertising and promotion is going to take place. This will be done to tease the audiences about our plans for the last month and also enable them to participate and be active in all our actions thus building a buzz about our campaign. The last month is going to be named as “The Absolut Month” and it is when our main events are going to take place.

The message that we want to communicate with our slogan is the following:
“For an absolut life, Absolut Black Vodka”

* Who: Our brand * What: Our message that absolut is part of your life * Whom: All audiences and specifically our target audience * What channel: All classic and new media * Which effect: Achieve our goals

To achieve the strategies that have been set above we are going to have to implement the following tactics. * Strategy 1: Advertising and promotion throughout all the media, classic and new, prinetd and electronic 1. TV and radio spots conveying our message and slogan and showing how that can be made. Teasing of all the events that are going to come and how the audience can attend and take part. 2. Newspaper and magazine ads of our campaign slogan with details of where you need to go for more information about our events. 3. Internet and social media videos to create online buzz about our campaign 4. Outdour ads in the same spirit as the printed ads

* Strategy 2: Organization of promotional events with Absolut Black theme 1. Distribution of promotional flyers by teams dressed in our colors and with our brand name, in central crowded places, with details about our product and details about our events, how they can participate and where they can go for more information 2. Promotion and details in our social event with everything the audiences need to know about our actions 3. Promotional events are going to be organized ans sponsored by Absolut Black in different cities all around the country and even in different countries. They are going to take place simultaneously and they are going to be broadcasted live in our social media to give the feeling of a huge party. Famous musicians and DJs are going to participate in every location.

* Strategy 3: Run contest across our social media 1. A contest is going to run in our sites and social media where everyone can take place. There are going to be prizes such as free product from us for life, trips, electronic equipment and etc and the big winners are going to go to the major sport event and watch it in its entirety with everything paid that we are sponsoring (such as FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil or FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 in Spain).

* Strategy 4: Sponsor major sport event 1. Sponsor major sport event such as FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil or FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 in Spain or Wimbledon Tournament 2014 in London. 2. As mentioned above, winners from our contest are going to win trips to said event. 3. We are going to promote and advertise throughout that event, to take advantage of the very high television ratings across the world


| MONTH 1 | MONTH 2 | MONTH 3 | STRATEGY 1 | | | | STRATEGY 2 | | | | STRATEGY 3 | | | | STRATEGY 4 | | | |

News/press release draft example

Konstantinos Geros
Absolut Company
Absolut Building
All media


Absolut Black is going to organize throughout the country simultaneous promotional events/parties in many different places at the ../../….
All the details can be found in our social media and site where it can also be seen the contests that we are running with many and unique prizes for everyone.
Absolut Black is here for an absolut life

P.S. This release is accompanied by a press kit


The campaign’s expectations are to maintain our audiences by showing the power of our brand name as well as to retain market share by reminding the consumers of its existence, by proving once again that Absolut is an essential part of their life. In this way Absolut also manages to retain brand loyalty since there is nothing more important than obtaining and keeping a faithful audience that believes in your everlasting value and will not replace you with anything else in their heart and lifestyle by showing that audience that you are still going strong and keeping those high standards that they used by you. Finally we have to pass our message through to our audience so that they can share our philosophy.…...

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