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Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Business
* Increases production and saves time: Business use technology to automate tasks. A good example is a bakery which uses automated temperature censors to detect any drop or increase in room temperature in a bakery. These censors will send information directly to the operator and report any temperature change. This saves the bakery time and it also results into quality products. * Improves communication through communication technology: With the help of communication technology tools like phones, video conferencing , electronic mail, databases just to mention but a few. Movement of information with in an organization or business has become easy and first. Employees can easily move information across departments without having any interruptions. Tools like electronic mail , e-fax, mobile phones and text messaging enhance the movement of information among employees , customers and business partners or suppliers. * Improves data storage and file management: Businesses use cloud hosting services to store and backup business data. Also it saves on paper work and makes transfer and access of data remote. With services like ‘’’’, business owners can access their data any time any where. Information and data are very important tools for a business, so it is very essential to store them safely and also access them at any time of need.
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:- The Role of Information Technology in Group Decision Making
:- 5 Ethical Challenges of Information Technology * Improves financial management: Accounting software like Quick Books ,Bookkeeper , Sage 50 , and Account Edge can be used in performing various accounting tasks in a business. Business owners can easily balance their books with less experience in accounting because these software’s are well equipped with every tool needed in accounting and they also have a help section which can be referred to in case a user is stuck. * Cuts costs of operation and increases on RIO – Communication technology and social technology have made business promotion and product launch affordable. Many small business have found ways to use social technology to increase on their brand awareness and get more clients at a minimal cost. In business, factors like cost of operation play a big role in the development and growth of that business. So when businesses use information technology to cut down on costs of operation, then their ROI will increase which will result into business growth. * Improves business to consumer relationship – Businesses have embraced the social technology to interact with their consumers and fans. This creates a strong business to consumer relationship and it results into business growth and expansion. Information technology can be used to improve customer service in so many ways. For example, businesses can use internet to inform their customers about great deals and discounts, this makes customers feel special and it can drive their desire to buy. A good customer service can be used as a great tool by any small business to gain competitive advantage. * Improves on business competitive advantage: Companies have used technology to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. A business will improve on its technology and improve on its services and products which will make its customers happy, this will turn these happy customer loyal to that business and also invite more friends to use that service or product. RELATED:
:- Use of Information Technology
:- The Role of Information Technology In Todays World
:- 6 Uses of Information Technology in Education Disadvantages: * Implementation Expenses: Small businesses fail to afford this expensive technology so they end up losing their clients to a business which has improved its technology and provides a better service or product. * Job Elimination: Technology has replaced most positions which humans used to occupy. Accounting is now being done by software, so accountants run out of opportunities. * Security Breaches: Since businesses store their data on remote cloud servers which can be accessed with a user name and password, they risk losing that data to wrong minded knowledge works, hackers or viruses, which can harm he business. Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Purchasing
* Credit Cards and Smart cards: Buying and selling of goods and services has become simple because of these smart cards. A user can go to a merchant’s website and make an order using their smart card or credit card. Money will be transferred from the consumers account to the merchants account in seconds, and then the merchant will deliver the item to the consumers address. This saves time for both parties. * Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment: (EBPP) systems send us bills over the internet and they give us an easy way to pay them if the amount looks correct. In this there is need for billing companies to send our bills in mail. It saves time for both parties.
* Internet security issues: For the merchant to process an order online, a consumer has to provide their financial details. Experienced hackers can use this lop hole to channel this information and use it for their own needs. * Faulty products and duplication: In most cases auction websites have products that are not real. So a user can bid on a shoe thinking it is original, upon delivery, they discover that the shoe is fake and it does not resemble the picture on auction. * Privacy – ecommerce websites collect personal data using cookies to know more about us and suggest products basing on that information. This data is collected without any notice , but with selfish intent. Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Society:
* Improved innovation: Technology has played a big role in job creation and emerging of technology based companies. With access to a computer and internet, any one can start an business while at home. Most successful technology based ventures like Google / Amazon / Facebook, to mention but a few, started from home but now they employ thousands or people. * Improved entertainment: Technology has changed the entertainment industry, now days we have many options to choose from, you can have a play-list of 10,000 songs in your palms with an ipod, you can watch movies on the go with an ipad , the list is endless. * Improved social discovery: Finding both old and new friends has become very simple. With social networks like facebook and twitter, you can easily keep up with all your old friends and also make new ones. * Globalization of knowledge: Today you can use the internet to get the latest news from any country on the globe. Services like ‘’Twitter’’ have enabled people to become journalist so they report news on instant by twitting. Services like are well equipped with data on about anything. * Improved communication: Disadvantages: * Cyber-sickness: With the increased addiction to social networks and internet games, people are spending more time on computers and give up on their normal offline life. This has resulted into relation breakups and increases loneliness. * Social implications – access to harmful information which corrupts people’s minds and drives them to commit crime. People use search engines to find information on how to create harmful weapons and how to commit wrong acts in society. Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Education:
* Online education has made educational material and data accessible anywhere. The use of internet technology has opened educational boundaries, this has benefited students from developing countries have a chance to study relevant courses which increases on their chance of getting high paying jobs international. * New methods of education have been created – Use of educational video games and puzzles has increased students interest in learning. Basing on research, students enjoy learning with technology, many schools have started providing free internet on school campus, this helps students make research and learn as individuals without getting any help from their teachers. Disadvantages : * Over dependence on information technology makes students less active and innovative. Students no longer take time to solve equation and tasks, all they do is query that task in a search engine and a solution will be provided. * Poor publications online: This exposes student’s t wrong information which results into failure of exams. Many online publishers post content for monetary purposes, so you find that most the content published online is not well detailed to help students and researchers. Advantages and Disadvantages of information technology in Banking
* Online Banking: Many banks have integrated advanced information technology systems to improve on their customer service. Today, it is very easy to withdraw money using an ATM card or smart money card, this saves customers from wasting time lining up in banks. * Fast Credit: Technology used in banks helps in gathering of financial details and credit scores about each customer, the information gathered can be used when a customer applies for credit in that bank. * RFID Payment Disadvantages:
Money Laundering: Cases of online money laundering are on the rise and this has exposed many online users to the predators.…...

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