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Managers in the health care field have many important roles and functions. As the health care system continues to evolve, sound management is critical to the survival of health care institutions. Every manager main duty is to succeed in helping the organization achieve high performance while utilizing all of the organization’s human and material resources. Manager in the health care field must strive to improve daily operations and make future planning on ways to improve efficiency and productivity. In this paper the roles and functions of a health care manager will be briefly explained. As a manager, their day-to-day duties are accountable for the productivity, diversity, public scrutiny, confidentiality, customer expectation, safety, customer demand and participation to his employees. Considering that every health care manager’s responsibilities and duties may varies in every health care organization. As a manager, it must be understood the in and out of the business, and the involvement of his employees, and other stakeholders that directly or indirectly impact its success. Stakeholders refer to patients, suppliers, competitors and institutions that are affected in one way or another by organization’s performance.
Furthermore, patient is the number one who utilizes the goods and services produced by health care organizations. Other responsibilities are the following: coordinating with other teams, plan meetings, figure out the work schedules, and clarify goals and tasks. The most important responsibility of a health care manger I believe a health care manager has is to ensure that each team member has the tools he or she needs to be productive which would be coordinating with other coworkers and working as a team. .
Mangers must also take on certain roles in order to ensure that team members are being productive. There are three categories that the roles of…...

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