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“What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger.” In my lifetime, I have heard that phrase countless times. While adversity can cause depression and loss of confidence in most people, facing adversity in one’s life can have extremely positive results. Going through challenging times can help anyone assess who they are and who they want to be.
Helen Keller faced adversity all throughout her life. Becoming deaf and blind as a child brought huge challenges to her life. Not learning how to compensate for her problems and learning to communicate would have been the easy way out for Helen. While she could have avoided the challenge of learning to communicate and going through many years of difficult studies, without the ability to communicate, she would have lived a very sheltered, dark, and confused life. Instead Helen spent all of her life learning to communicate through sign language. Mastering sign language is difficult enough for someone with their vision and so without hers, Helen had even more of a challenge. While working through her challenges in life, Helen was able to learn more about herself and the world around her.
Because of adverse conditions in England, the Pilgrims came to America and began our history. A major factor in why the Pilgrims left England was a desire for religious freedom. The Church of England was intolerant towards other religious beliefs. Many citizens of England wanted to worship God how they wanted without being faced with persecution. By leaving England and starting fresh in America, the Pilgrims were free from the Church of England controlling their religious practices. Only because of the Pilgrims actions to create a country free from religious persecution, now anyone living in America is free to practice religion in any way they want.
Accepting challenges and working through those challenges helps anyone grow to know themselves…...

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