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Semester One Final Examinations, 2013

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Semester One Final Examinations, 2013

ADVT7511 Social Marketing and Communication
This paper is for St Lucia Campus students. Examination Duration: Reading Time: Exam Conditions: This is a Central Examination This is a Closed Book Examination - specified materials permitted During reading time - write only on the rough paper provided This examination paper will be released to the Library Materials Permitted In The Exam Venue: (No electronic aids are permitted e.g. laptops, phones) An unmarked Bilingual dictionary is permitted Materials To Be Supplied To Students: 1 x 14 Page Answer Booklet Rough Paper Instructions To Students: Part A: Answer the COMPULSORY essay question in the writing booklet. Part B: Answer THREE short answer questions. 120 minutes 10 minutes
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Semester One Final Examinations, 2013

ADVT7511 Social Marketing and Communication

PART A – COMPULSORY ESSAY Answer the following question. An essay of approximately THREE PAGES is required.

Question 1 Hoek & Jones (2011: 32) state that ‘although the upstream and downstream approaches anchor ends of an intervention continuum, and despite the enormous potential for integrating elements of one with other, a philosophical divide has begun emerging.’ Write an essay explaining the downstream and upstream approaches to social change. In your discussion outline the effectiveness of each approach and use campaign and/or program examples to further illustrate each approach. In concluding your essay, discuss how and why social marketers can work towards integrating the upstream and downstream approaches. (20 Marks)


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Semester One Final Examinations, 2013

ADVT7511 Social Marketing and Communication

PART B – SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS Select and answer THREE (3) of the following four questions. Each question is worth 10 marks. A short answer of ONE PAGE for each is required.

Question 2

The Road Crew intervention was launched in Wisconsin in the USA by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is a community-based programme designed to reduce alcohol-related car crashes. The intervention included a service through which young male drinkers are picked up by chauffeur-driven limousines and transported between bars in the local area. They are then driven home again at the end of the evening. One of the major partnerships in this scheme is Miller Brewing, the second largest brewer in the USA. The Road Crew intervention set out to do a great social good in preventing accidents, road deaths, and associated societal costs. But many health professionals argue that this intervention is unethical. Discuss the ethical considerations that influence health professionals’ views of the Road Crew intervention. In your answer be sure to also explain the additional ethical challenges that confront social marketers when they plan and design marketing interventions.
(10 Marks)

Question 3

Social marketers are mainly interested in consumer lifestyles, rather than an isolated individual-behaviour. They do not want people to wear a seatbelt once, or eat five portions of fruit and vegetables occasionally. Rather they want consumers to do these activities again and again – social marketers need to build relationships with their target audiences. Discuss how relationship thinking can be used by social marketers to deliver sustainable change. Use social marketing examples to illustrate your answer.
(10 Marks)

Question 4

Examining the competition provides a surprisingly useful mechanism for analysing the social marketing environment because it reveals the full complexity of behaviour change. Donovan & Henley (2010) have categorised competitors in social marketing to assist in designing strategies to monitor and counter competition. Briefly outline Donovan & Henley’s competition categories and discuss a social marketing strategy that could be implemented to monitor and counter the competition to a new anti-alcohol campaign targeting university students between the ages of 18-24.
(10 Marks)

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Semester One Final Examinations, 2013

ADVT7511 Social Marketing and Communication

Question 5

‘There is nothing as practical as a good theory’ (Lewin, 1952: 169) and social marketers regularly use social learning theories and psychosocial models to inform the design and evaluation of social marketing campaigns. Select a social learning theory OR a psychosocial model to discuss the design of a social marketing campaign targeting adolescent smokers to quit smoking.
(10 Marks)


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