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Short term goals, completed in the next 6 months. | | | | | | Personal professional development | Goal target end date | Actions/steps to achieve goal | Action target date | Review 1 | Review 2 | Get a part- time job in a retail store within Ealing. | 15th of January 2015 | 1) First go on the websites such as student jobs or indeed or fish for jobs.2) Take 1 day in the week to Research job vacancies in retail establishments in Ealing.3) Make an account on the website if needed upload my CV and apply for jobs. | December 19th -15th of January | | | Achieve the highest possible grade in the assignments I get in the next 6 months. | January 31st 2015 | 1) Read the criteria in the text book for achieving merits, passes and distinctions, and make sure I understand what needs to be written to achieve each.2) Ask the teachers for help or support in the assignment if I don’t understand the assignment.3) Get to classes early so that I don’t miss the lessons that are related to the assignment and get as much information as possible to complete the assignment efficiently.4) When doing assignments make sure I refer to the criteria and answer all questions on it, so that I achieve the highest grade. | December 8th – January 31st 2015 | | | Lose 5 pounds over 6 months | January 1st 2015 | 1) Go to the local gym and get information on classes they have, membership and money.2) Get a diet plan in order, which would include fruits, vegetables and protein etc. and exclude junk foods and follow it.3) Ask if any friends would like to come.4) If I find the classes I want to get involved in. apply and start going. | December 10th 2014 – January 1st 2015 | | | Start kickboxing classes at the gym. | January 31st 2015 | 1) Go to the gym and get information on possible classes on offer which I can apply to.2) Also get information on the amount of money to pay for and times it starts and ends.If I find a class, apply and start. | November 1st – January31st 2015 | | | Apply to university | January 15th 2015 | 1) Research universities in London for nursing, including their entry requirements, location, structure of course and ranking.2) Make a new ukase application and add my choices of universities, improve my personal statement and add it, upload my grades and predicted grade for bet course onto my application and get reference done.3) Also visit universities open days. | October 3rd – January 15th | | |

Long term goals, completed in the next 18 months | | | | | | personal professional development | Goal target end date | action/steps | Action target date | review 1 | review 2 | To get an offer or place in my first choice of university. | September 2015 | 1) Discuss with my tutor how to write and what to write on my personal statement, in I need to do voluntary work placements, what my choices are and predicted grades.2) Make a ukase account on and fill in the details, choices of universities, current predicted grade and previous grades I got.3) Prefect my personal statement and get a reference from my teachers.Pay for the ukase application and send it off.3) Study the content of the courses, understand what needs to be done to achieve distinctions and do the course to the best of my ability. | January 15th – September 2015 | | | Pass my drivers tests, both theory and practical. | December 30th 2015 | 1) Apply or a provisional licence.2) Once I get the provisional licence buy books and CD's that help prepare you for the theory part of the driving exam.3) Apply to sit the theory exam.4) Buy a car to practice with.5) Research possible companies with good driving instructors.6) Contact one via phone call and sort out a date in which they can start teaching you about the practical side of the driving exam.7) Use my own car to practice, so I get better.8) Apply for the practical driving test.9) Do the practical test to the best of my ability. | September 1st 2015- December 30th 2015 | | | Get a Distinction overall in my health and social care course. | July 2015 | 1) When getting my assignments read it over so that I understand clearly what is asked of me.2) Ask the teacher of the class if there are any misunderstandings about the assignment.3) Read the criteria of how to achieve distinctions and refer to it continuously when doing the assignment.4) make sure to evaluate assess and proofread before handing it in.5) Make sure to hand it in on time. | January 2015- July 2015 | | | learn how to swim | November 1st 2015 | 1) Apply for swimming classes in the local gym.2) Buy the necessary equipment and clothing for the class.3) Attend and be punctual to all the classes.4) Pay attention in the swimming classes.5) Go to the gym other times and practice what I've learned.6) create a check list of types of strokes and techniques used by swimmers and tick off the ones i have learned. | may 15th 2015- November 1st 2015. | | | memorize the second chapter of the Quran | September 13th 2015 | 1) Continue to attend and be punctual to Quran classes.2) Do all the homework and listen to lectures or recitation the teacher recommends.3) Take 1 hour after every morning prayer to practice the pages which are homework.4) fix any mistakes made in the Quran pages which are homework, in the following class. | May 15th 2015- September 13th 2015. | | |…...

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