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Alfie Custodio Tinaya
327 Sea gate dr.
Portland, TX 78374

Date : June 12, 2015

PO Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680­4120


Dear Sir / Madame,
I, Alfie Custodio Tinaya (K1 visa holder) from Philippines has entered the United States last April 04, 2015 and married my fiance Travis Reed Young last May 19, 2015 at San Francisco Courthouse ­ would like to apply for AOS, AP and EAD.

See below summary of AOS application with separate check for each applicant payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security having no additional fee for EAD and AP since we are applying these together with AOS Form I­485.

Visa Type |Name of Applicant |Applying for: |||Enclosed Check for AOS |||
||Form I­485 (AOS) |Form I­131 (AP) |Form I­765 (EAD) |Form Fee |Biometric Services Fee |Total |
K1 |Alfie Tinaya|✓ |✓ |✓ |$985 |$85 |$1,070 |
||| | | || |

Eligibility to apply were based on K1 (with K2 dependent) who got m arried within 90 days upon arrival here in the United States.

Supporting documents enclosed here are organized into 3 major expanding pockets each with sub­pocket folders with corresponding checklist having all required documents labeled individually. ❏ 1st MAJOR POCKET with 4 SUB­POCKET FOLDERS→ Form I­485 (AOS) & supporting documents 
 ❏ 2nd MAJOR POCKET with 3 SUB­POCKET FOLDERS→ Form I­131 (AP) & supporting documents 
 ❏ 3rd MAJOR POCKET with 2 SUB­POCKET FOLDERS → Form I­765 (EAD) & supporting documents 
 Please see below table of contents per application for your clear reference. Basic information and list of required supporting documents were all referenced to U site. 

. 1) AOS: ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS & SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS → 4 SUB­POCKET FOLDERS . . a) K1 F ormI­485(GreenCardApplication),Biographic,Admission Record and Other 
Supporting Documents . . i) G­1145 E­notification 
 . ii) Completed Form I­485 
 . iii) Two passport­style photos 
 . iv) Form G­325A, Biographic Information (K1 Applicant) 
 . v) Copy of government issued photo identification
 . vi) Copy of birth certificate 
 . vii) Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa, admission or parole stamp 
 . viii) Copy of Most Recent Form I­94 Admission Record 
 . ix) DS­3025 from St. Lukes Medical Center 

 . b) Evidence of marriage to the U.S. citizen within 90 days (for K1) . . i) Original copy Marriage Certificate 
 . ii) Wedding and Reception Photos 
 . iii) Evidence of Relationship Photos 
 . c) Form I­864 (Affidavit of Support ) for K1 and K2 . . i) Cover Letter of Affidavit of Support from USC Spouse 
 . ii) Completed Form I­864 Affidavit of Support 
 . iii) 2013 Form 1040 U.S. Individual Inco me Tax Return 
 . iv) 2013 Form W­2 Wage and Tax Statement 
 . v) 2012 Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return 
 . vi) 2011 Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return 
 . vii) Certificate of Employment 
 . viii) Copy of Birth Certificate 
 . ix) Copy of Passport 
 . x) Form G­325A, Biographic Information (USC Spouse) 
 . . c) Copy of Petition Documents for K1 . . i) Copy of Form I­797C, Receipt /Notice of Action 
 . ii) Copy of Approved Form I­129F
 . iii) Copy of Letter from NVC 
 . . 2) APPLICATION FOR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS → 2 SUB­POCKET FOLDERS . a) K1Form I-­131,Application for Travel Document . i) G­1145 E­notification 
 . ii) Completed Form I­131 
 . iii) Form I­131 Supplement (Explanation why applying for Travel Document)
 . iv) 2 US Passport Style Photos 
 . v) Copy of Birth Certificate 
 . vi) Copy of Most Recent Form I­94 Admission Record 
 . vii) Copy of Passport, Visa and Travel Stamps 
 . viii) Copy of Marriage Certificate
 . b) Copy of Petition Documents for K1 . . i) Copy of Form I­797C Receipt /Notice of Action
 . ii) Copy of Approved Form I­129F 
 . iii) Copy of Letter from NVC 


a) K1 Form I­765, Application for Employment Authorization . i) G­1145 E­notification 
 . ii) Completed Form I­765 
 . iii) 2 US Passport style photos 
 . . iv) Copy of Most Recent I­94 Admission Record 
 . v) Copy of passport with nonimmigrant visa, admission or parole stamp 
 . vi) Copy of Birth Certificate 
 . vii) Copy of Form I­797C Receipt /Notice of Action 
 . viii) Copy of Approved Form I­129F 
 . ix) Copy of NVC Letter 
 . x) Copy of Marriage Certificate (Proof of legal name change) 
 . Most Recent I­94 Admission Record . 
passport with nonimmigrant visa, admission or parole stamp Birth Certificate
 . Form I­797C Receipt /Notice of Action
Approved Form I­129F NVC Letter Marriage Certificate (Proof of legal name change)

Submitted copies of supporting document are exact colored photocopies of unaltered documents. In case you should require us to submit specific original document to Immigration officer in a later date or if you have any questions, feel free to call or e­mail me.
Sincerely Yours,
Alfie Custodio Tinaya - A206-817-100
Mobile #: 361-537-1860 e­mail add:…...

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