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All About Home Insurance

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All about Home Insurance

Home is where the heart stays. In the world of inflation and recession, owning a dream house becomes next to impossible, but the financial institutions lend a helping hand in providing the required loan to acquire the property. With many difficulties after relentless survey, the loan approval process, credit score clearance, the much awaited home comes to hand. Now, this home contains the hard earned money, precious possessions and immense memories. It becomes important to save the home from various calamities by insuring appropriately.

An insurance cover for the home alone is not adequate; instead an accurate home insurance which covers all the possible liabilities is required. Very few Indians are aware of the home insurance policy that covers fire disasters and other hazards. Unfortunately, the majority of the home owners are ignorant of the benefits. Approximations of the National Disaster Management Authority, according to which about 60% of the Indian land mass, are prone to earthquakes, while 8% of the country is vulnerable to cyclones and especially Southeast Asia is more susceptible to disasters.


The benefits of home insurance are immense.

- Can be applied and obtained online.

Home insurance is easy to apply either online or at the nearest branch office. Applying online reduces the hassle of visiting the bank, thus reduces the time.

- Comes at an affordable premium package which can be selected according to the value of the house, where premium discounts are also offered on security features.

- Easy settlement process.

- Home Insurance has multiple cover options.

- Provides low cost cover options for burglary including theft and larceny.

- There is no upper limit for the sum insured either on the property or on the possessions.


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