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pTextbook Scavenger Hunt

1. The book’s Index starts on what page? 1027

2. What abbreviation is used in the index to tell you there is a cartoon on page? crt

3. How many units are in the textbook?

4. How many Chapters are in the textbook?

5. What is the title and time frame (years covered) for Chapter 2? Exploring the Americas 1400- 1625

6. Looking at the Chapter 3 timeline, in what year did King Phillip’s War begin? 1675

7. Using the Auto Sales graph on page 710, between what years was the biggest down turn in auto sales?

8. What artist created Fight for the Colors? Reenact and take a picture of it.
p. 459

9. What artist created Bunker Hill? Reenact and take a picture of it.
Don Troinai Pl 131

9. What artist created Patrick Henry Before the Virginia House of Burgesses? Reenact and take a picture of it.
Peter F. Rothermel p. 135

9. What artist created Washington Crossing the Delaware Reenact and take a picture of it?
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze p. 128

10. What did Jonas Salk discover?
Cure for polio (polio vaccine)

11. According to the Chapter 23 Summary, what event occurred in 1919?
p. 682, Treaty of Versailles signed

12. What is the title of Chapter 14’a Technology Skill Builder?
Evaluating a Web Site

13. On what page does the Primary Source Library start? On what page would you find the Fallout Fears?
p. 956 p. 976

14. Looking at the National Geographic map on page 117, what country claimed (to own) Florida?

15. How many authors are listed on the title page?

15. Page FL 41 points out what information can be found on each chapters’ title page. What are the 6 items listed?

16. In the Previewing Your Textbook section in the beginning of the book, what are the elements listed on the Reading Roadmap page?

17. On what page can you find a picture of Mark…...

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