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Alzheimer’s / Dementia is a disease that gradually leaves its victims scared, frightened and confused of the world. The disease targets the individual’s memory causing them to have significant difficulties, health wise and mentally. As seen in the award wining movie made in 2009 The Notebook. As the movie opens we meet an elderly patient (Allie) and an elderly man by name of Noah or formally known to the female patient as Duke. The female patient (Allie) , has been diagnosed with Dementia and is living out her last years in a nursing home. As the story progresses, Noah decides to read a romantic story, in order to keep her occupied. As the romantic story opens up we meet Allie (the female patient) who is visiting her vacation home , with her family for the summer. Allie meets Noah, who is a hard working teenager, working at a nearby construction sight. From there the pair start a summer romance, which blossoms, until she leaves town, breaking his heart and hers. Noah writes to Allie who never answers, leaving him to wonder about their summer romance, and eventually move on; Allie follows in these footsteps becoming engaged to a former solider she had met in a hospital, who fought had fought in the war. Allies parents are ecstatic and so is Allie until she sees a picture of Noah, who has rebuilt their “dream” home, which they had talked about as teenagers. Allie then travels back to the town to visit him, after 7 years the two rekindle their romance, and get married. In the present day, Noah stays in the nursing home with Allie, who has completely forgotten her own identity and also his.…...

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