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American court system paper
Justin Burnett CJA 224
April 30, 2014
David Benson

American Criminal Court System
American criminal court system and its purpose: The criminal court system in America is a tool that communities use for standards to be enforced and necessary to protect individual and the whole communities. The action taken against the lawbreakers is like that it solves three purposes. It takes away harmful people and removes them from the society; it uses others as an example to not be a part of criminal behavior; and it gives society a chance to change criminals into law-abiding citizens. This particular system has three specific parts: the courts the police, and the corrections and each one have their own different tasks. All these three bodies are depending on each other. The main purpose of American court is to give everyone the opportunity to justice; by punishing and convicting the guilty and help them stop doing bad and protect the innocent. It also guards the individual rights and freedoms. Here, all persons treated equally. If there is any conflict then trials can be the solution but the courts should be used at last. As there are two cases civil and criminal. Courts have two duties first find out the facts of disputes and second are what law is to apply on that fact.

Dual court system
A dual court system is a double organized entity that helps both courts one at a national level and one local. Australia and The United States are having the longest running and best known dual courts system in the world. The Laws of local nature are handled in local court and national ones in federal court. The federal court system also upholds and implements constitutional mandates. Each state government has right to create its own local laws for their people. So, federal laws are for everywhere and state laws vary state to state. Each track of…...

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