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Dear, Tia Shenae Shofner
Since I was a little kid, I haven’t been worried about girls until I seen you. When I first saw you I thought you was cute and it was just something about you that I liked. I use to mess with you when you didn’t want me to mess with you. I use to make you laugh. I know you didn’t like me back, but I kept trying and trying. Later on during the school year, you said I tricked you into you giving me your number. I probably did do that. Later on we started dating and we started to like each other. But that summer, we broke up because we wasn’t seeing each other during that time and you was with the boy that you met at camp. The following school year I didn’t know if we wasn’t getting back together or not. I just know that I still had feelings for you I guess. So we got back together our 8th grade year. During those time we had some good moments, like getting caught kissing, me picking you up and kissing you by the 500 hall. You use to love that. But this is the part where I started to mess up. I started flirting talking to Zaria. Then 9th grade hit, we started chilling. Track came around and I started talking to tiara while I was going with you. I started cheating while I was going with you. I didn’t know who I wanted but I choose to kiss her, and then I got caught. You was told that I kiss tiara, but I lied about that. You ending up finding the truth out after that you didn’t trust me anymore. I felt stupid after then and I broke our promise. I was stupid for that. And to be honest, I forgot all about it. IM SORRY! After that, I wanted you back. I broke your heart, when you told me that you had sex with Ricky I was upset but after that I didn’t let go of that. Going into 10 grade year, we still have feelings for each other but I wasn’t for sure until 9.16.11. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We was walking down the hall after chemistry class. And I had your bracelet. And we was walking down the hall, talking and laughing. Until we

reach our class. I gave your bracelet back and you look at me and I look back at you, and you kissed me. After that we got back together. I started messing around again after that. Until that day we told each other the past. It really hurts me to hear all those things that happen in the past. It still hurts till this day. But after that I felt like I found the one for me and I told myself I was gone do right and make this relationship last. Until we got to College. It hurts for me to speak on this. The day I got that call my whole life, everything that happen between us I felt like I lost it all. It hard every day, I think about it when I’m all alone in the room. I try to but it’s just something I don’t know how to deal. I miss everything that we had. When we together I feel like there still hope for us as being in a relationship. But I know that won’t happen soon. It’s something that you have to get over and I understand that. I’m here for you no matter what. But if you serious about us getting back together then I want you to look behind you teddy bear that I got you for valentine and open the box up. I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL BE FAITHFUL AND NO LONGER ACT LIKE IM SINGLE AND TO ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN BETWEEN US. I’m still here not going nowhere I LOVE YOU BABY & MARRY CHRISTMAS.…...

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