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Victoria Cummins

Dr. Fayeza Hasanat

ENC 1101

November 23, 2015

Topic: School Security

Thesis Statement: With the increase in school violence and terrorism certain precautions dealing with security need to be taken before more deaths occur.

Annotated Bibliography

Hasselstrom, Linda. “A Peaceful Women Explains Why She Carries a Gun.” Pattern for College Writing: 272-277. Print. This story helps support the idea that anybody, not just a specific woman, owns a gun people take what they are saying more seriously. Author Linda Hasselstrom has strong feministic views when put in comparison to other women writers.

Orwell, George. “Shooting an Elephant.” Pattern for College Writing: 123-133. Print. Guns are a sensitive subject around the world. George, through this descriptive story tells how he does not want to shoot the elephant even though he knows that it has been and will continue being a threat. This story can compare to Hasselstrom’s because it shows the flip side of guilt instead of the confidence that Hasselstrom had.

Smith-Yackel, Bonnie. “My Mother Never Worked.” Pattern for College Writing: 118-122. Print.

The United States government can cause a lot of stress and frustration on the public. The story shows how the government categorizes people in groups almost like the feeling of discrimination from the short essay “Just Walk On By: A Black Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space” by Brent Staples.

Sterling, Brent. “Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: What history Teaches Us About Strategic Barriers and International Security.” Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. Print. The history of national security and security at home can help solve the nations problems when it comes to protecting its own borders and protection for the schools. Hasselstrom’s writing styles are similar in how planted they are in…...

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