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SAGG’s letter to its shareholders states that “SAGG turns 50 this year, and, while our 2011 financial results represent a single-year's achievement, it's an achievement based on our nearly five decades in business.” To prove this and to strategically convince potential shareholders to invest, SAGG’s annual report uses positive data charts to represent its financial stability, simple wording to highlight its plans to improve, and diverse photos and videos to emphasize its success at adapting and belief in customer and employee value.
SAGG shows investors that it is progressively increasing in a simple snapshot. The total revenues chart shows a slight but steady increase in the past five years. This shows the investors that SAGG’s sales continued to increase at a steady pace with little chance that it will drop drastically and therefore SAGG proves to be a positive investment. To further emphasize why it is a good investment, SAGG follows up the revenues chart with an ultimately stable EBIT graph and Net Earnings graph. These graphs show the investors that although SAGG has seen a slight decline in struggling years, it always manages to regain its financial success in the following years. This represents SAGG as a company with the ability to adapt over time and overcome the struggles of our economy. The final chart for Diluted EPS is particularly useful for a potential investor and shows a positive increase throughout the years. This demonstrates that the investors’ shares will continue to grow in value. These graphs were chosen because they represent all the valuable information useful to potential investors. From these graphs, investors can see that SAGG’s increase in revenue benefits them as investors by increasing the value of their stocks.
The use of bold, active statements immediately gives a potential investor a positive idea about SAGG’s plan for the…...

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