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Geneva Budd MBA 501
Apple- SWOT analysis Feb. 15, 2016
Period of innovation was a huge strength for Apple. They were the first movers on Smartphones and mp3 devices.
They had a dynamic leader in Steve Jobs, as the mind behind the innovation that was pumping out of Apple during the great times.
There is also a huge Apple base. There is a true brand loyalty for apply products. Almost cult like following of apply products and people that still to this day claim they will never leave Apple.
The loss of their leader in Steve Jobs really hurt Apple. Many felt that the only reason Apple was doing well was because there was a genius at the lead of the company. Tim Cook tends to speak to the past instead of the future in his launch announcements which further adds to people feeling that Apple has hit it’s peak and will only go down from here.
Tim Cook’s personality could be looked at as weaknesses because he is starkly contrasted to the personality of Steve Jobs. He would rather be out of the limelight and for a company that has been so vocal for the last couple of decades it could really hurt it’s image and brand.

Apple should move into the next step of innovation. They have to keep the image of being the first mover and the new and hip thing. It seems like virtual reality seems like the new cool hip thing that Apple should be apart of.
The driverless car is the new revolution in the transportation realm. It is also going to be the next cool and new thing. This also ties in the two things that apple is famous for. Bring technology to something that no one would think technology could touch, for example music and the creation of the iPod.
The threat of substitutes is a big deal for the Apple right now. Samsung and other competitors are really starting to game traction in the smartphone market.…...

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