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Apple vs Google

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Week 5 Team E
March 29, 2012

Week 5 Team E
Baderman Island Resorts strives to provide guests with a fun, relaxing, stress-free vacation. This includes the obvious: nice décor, cable TV, soft sheets. This includes the less obvious: clean rooms, good food, fun activities, and un-intrusive staff. The key to providing the environment for which Baderman is known is accomplished through Baderman employees. Baderman has developed a system of employee appraisals, compensation, and benefits designed to encourage, develop and promote happy Baderman employees; this benefits the guests, which in turn, benefits the company. We will look at two positions in the company as examples: restaurant manager and activity supervisor.
Performance Management System
Baderman uses a performance management system. As a fast growing business, Baderman Island has 800 acres with development plans. We need to think ahead and determine what our employment needs will be and how we can best prepare our current employees to be ready to meet those challenges and step into management/supervisory positions. Baderman believes in promoting from within the company when the right candidate presents themselves. Employee development is a main objective as we believe we already have great employees who become exceptional. We believe by using our performance management system, we will assist our team members in achieving their personal goals.
Part of Baderman’s performance management system is having established bi-monthly performance evaluations for all team members. The benefit of using bi-monthly is it allows time for development or improvement if necessary. It keeps each employee aware of exactly where he/she stands with personal and company goals. There are no surprises with employees when yearend review comes up.
Using this performance management system also keeps our human…...

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