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As I open my cabinet, a pile of certificates of merit come into view and the first certificate that I got in the Beijing Desi group dance competition when I was 6 years old brings my memory back to the past days. Having a strong interest in dancing, I began to learn it when I was three years old. At the moment when I had the first certificate of dancing in hand, I was so happy that I believed I will become a good dancer one day, dancing with people to the music. Since my parents were too busy to play with me, I didn’t go home where there was only me, but rushed to the dancing practice room after school. The practice room was just like my home, and I studied and practiced dancing there until very late. Everyday, my mother picked me up from the dancing room to home.

It was in my third grade when a girl was transferred to my class. Since her parents were also busy, she companied me till night to wait my mother to pick us up. Every time she saw me practice dancing alone in the dancing room, she came in and took me to play with other students. At the very beginning, the other students didn’t like me because they thought that I was all alone and I wouldn’t get along well with them. They refused to play with me and I had to stay alone again. In the first few weeks, she just came to the dancing room and played with me as long as she found that I was not playing with others. “Let’s go and play”, I said to her but she always said nothing. But one day after a month, she found me and said: “Don’t lock you in the dancing room. You will see the outside world one day, you will know people, you have to face the world and you can do it. Like playing with others, if you don’t tell others you want to join them to play together, how can they know that? You stay at the dancing room and practice, but can dancing replace you to approach the outside world?” After saying that angrily, she left and didn’t contact me for a week. Hearing what she said, I thought a lot. Later, I went to find her and told her that I determined to make a change. One year later, I became popular in my school, leading the school track and field team, the group choir and the radio direction finding team to win awards in various competitions. In my fifth grade, I was elected leader of “Young Pioneers” and has been working on planning school events until now. I’ve gone through great changes and improvement from a person who didn’t like to talk to others. Everyone changes for some reason, and I made a change because of what one of my friend said to me.

I bring joy to where I go. With a strong organizing ability, I like to plan events and enjoy the feeling to stay with my classmates. I know how to play many Chinese traditional instruments like pipa (a Chinese lute),Guzheng (a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument) and dulcimer, as well as western instruments like the piano, pipe organ, and drum. I also like playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis. I was the cheerleader in junior high school and I am good at organizing and planning parties. I can help to rich the school life.…...

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