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Applying Horse Tack

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Devin Locricchio
Applying the English Tack on My Horse Before tacking your horse, you want to make sure your horse is fully brushed. Once that is all complete your going to want to put a saddle pad on the back of your horse. You want the saddle pad to go over the weathers, if you put it to far back it could hurt the horse while the saddle is on. Next you want to get your English saddle. Put the saddle on top of the saddle pad. Make sure you adjust the saddle pad under the saddle to relieve any pressure. You do not want the saddle pad laying flat by the weathers, you want it to be up into the saddle at the beginning of the saddle. Then you want to get your girth. You want to make sure your girth fits your horse as there is many different sizes. You attach the girth to your first billet hole. Then go around on the other side, grab the girth and attach it the second hole of the billet. Then walk to the other side again and tighten the billet to a higher hole. Then leave the girth the way it is until you go into the arena to ride. When you get into the arena they let air out of there stomachs which loosens the girth. When you put a girth on in the first place they blow their stomachs with air on purpose. Next you want to get your bridle. Put the reins over your horse’s neck first. Then you can take their halter off. Make sure your bridle is form fitting to your horse’s head. You’re first going to take the nose band and slide it over their nose, then your going to put the bit in their mouth and slide the rest of the bridle over there face and around their ears. Now your horse is ready to ride. Activities could be eliminated if someone was helping to tack the horse. One person could put the saddle on while someone does the bridle. I don’t believe there is anyway to combined the task. All equestrians tack there horse this way. Putting the saddle on first and then the bridle. I don’t think there is a more efficient way of tacking then how we do it now.…...

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