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Role plays
Role plays or called "learning through acting" is a simulation in which each participant is given a role to play. It allows employees to become actively involved in training as they assume roles and act out situations that might actually occur or have actually occurred in the workplace. Trainees are given with some information related to description of the role, concerns, objectives, responsibilities, emotions, and others. Then, they are given a general description of the situation, and the problem that each one of them faces. Once the participants read their role descriptions, they act out their roles by interacting with one another. Role plays is an excellent way to develop interpersonal skills and communication skills, conflict resolution, decision making, and explore work-related attitudes and feelings, such as in diversity or ethics training. For example, the bank tellers need to practice the decision making and problem solving skills. They need to analyze information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve the problem. The trainers need to arrange several activities before, during and after the role play. The activities for effective role plays are; 1. Provide background information on the purpose of and context for the role play 2. Make sure that a script is provided with enough detail for trainees to understand their role. 3. The room is arranged so trainees can see and hear the role players. 4. Observations sheets and checklists that emphasize the issues in the role play are developed and used 5. Debriefing occurs on the experience of the role players and observers, the relationship of the role play to the company context, and important learning points.

Audiovisual techniques
Audiovisual instruction includes overheads, slides, and video. Video is a popular instructional method which it has…...

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