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Are Books More Important Than Experience?

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Many people have said that not everything that is learned is contained in books, while many people also say that we get most of our knowledge from books. In my point of view, the latter one is as important as, if not more important than the former one, Although not everything is contained in books, we have to learn most of the things in books. Among countless reasons, which influence the former one, I explore the most conspicuous aspects as follows:

The main reason I agree with the argument is that knowledge contained in books is systematic. As we know, almost all the books are the children of the marriage of the author’s thought with the real world. In order to express themselves, they surely use a very systematic structure to form a book, which have a specific note of their thought and experiences. With the systematic structure, we can learn things gradually, by our own pace and we need not to worry that if we had miss some of the important details because systematic structure never drop the essential points. What we only need to do is follow the instructions directed by the author and grasps the content by our consideration.

There is another reason that deserve some words here, however, is that learning by reading books is an efficient way of accumulating knowledge. In ancient world, no books existed, and people should realize the world by exploring everything by themselves. This method apparently takes too much time and energy. But with the ready-made knowledge provided by the books put in front of us, why not take on it directly? It will save us a lot of time to take advantages of others’ thought and experiences than we explore them by ourselves.

It would not be too kindly disposed to the idea that not learning knowledge in books is not important. Of course, gaining knowledge from experience is not without advantages. Because experiencing the life by…...

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