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Are Co-Operatives Relevant in Today’s Global Environment?

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co-operatives are relevant because they bring large number of people under one group and provide them employment hence in one way they are removing the problem of unemployment by providing job opportunities to many people and that job is also free of corruption, contributing to the growth of people and our nation. These are now a days, becoming more popular than private and public sectors because of their characteristics of providing job opportunities to many people.

Globalisation, as it is meant officially, seeks to promote competition in the economic playground, amongst the so-called 'global players' i.e. the businessmen across the frontiers of the nation-states. Co-operation against such a backdrop appears to be an outdated, obsolete and ludicrous concept. The cases, as appear obvious in such a regime, against co-operation are:

I) Cooperation is a congregation of "too many", unnecessary in the environment congenial for competition. This rears and promotes inefficiency and wastage.

Ii) The democracy co-operation is said to promote and sustain is a myth.

Iii) The "overcrowding" does not necessarily ensure expertness in management.

Iv) Despite bulge in number of membership, provision for capital may fall short of sufficiency.

V) Lack of state of the art technology is often experienced.

Vi) Inefficiency brings about lower profitability leading to poor incentives causing lower motivation, insufficient capital formation and poor performance.

Vii) Thus, incapability in survival is quite common.

Considering the above negative traits of the co-operatives, it may sound natural as well as rational to not opt for them. However, co-operatives do have certain scores of merit that deserve consideration.

A) In the face of fierce competition in the age of globalisation, co-operatives provided a soothing effect in a society by creating an atmosphere…...

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