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Are Women Really Better at Teaching Than Men

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Are Women Really Better At Teaching Than Men?
This article is not meant to put down men in any way. Generally, there are reasons as to why one gender will be a lot better at a certain subject than another. Of course, there will be exceptions and a lot of the time it is important not to generalise. Most women may have certain qualities when it comes to teaching than men do, but the opposite is also true. The importance is finding a balance.
Both genders can also learn from one another, and therefore it is important to take a look and see why certain traits are more prominent in one sex than the other. Below is a list of the stronger points that women seem to have when it comes to teaching.

1Caring Nature

It is often thought by many that women will tend to have a more caring nature. In this way, it is true and can be very useful. The student needs someone that they can rely on, someone they feel will listen to them and whatever worries they have. Men can be a lot harder to approach on this subject, and therefore female teachers tend to be preferred in this regard. Of course, there are going to be exceptions but this would tend to be the general impression that many will leave behind.


It is true that many more women will also appear more empathic than men do. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it is for the majority of teachers. Empathy is important when it comes to teaching, and therefore one must be able to emotionally connect with the students. Sussing out their mood will also help one to tailor the class accordingly. Having high emotional intelligence, of course, is important for anyone who works within the teaching industry. Knowing how to help the student overcome thoughts of whatever problems they are having will be key in getting them to focus on the task at hand.

3Dealing With Children

A lot of the time, in many Western…...

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