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Are You a Good Communicator?

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Are You A Good Communicator?
Communication is the process of sharing one’s information to another person or a group of people whether it is one’s thoughts or his or her feelings through spoken words, written words, or body language. Effective communication requires that the transmitted information is received and understood by the receiver in the way it was intended. Interpersonal relationships are important particularly in the health care industry for teamwork and forming positive working relationships between the health care team and their patients. Trust in health care is an important interpersonal skill and the cornerstone of effective doctor-patient relationships. “The need for interpersonal trust relates to the vulnerability associated with being ill. Without trust patients may well not access services at all, let alone disclose all medically relevant information” (Rowe & Calnan, 2006, p4). Trust is also an important interpersonal element in effective healthcare team development.
A supportive climate encourages open, honest, and constructive interactions among informal conversations and formal conversations. While a defensive climate leads to competitive or even destructive conflict. According to Dr. Jack Gibb, who was a distinguished psychologist and a consultant for various organizations for five decades, there are six dimensions of behavior. Each dimension has an opposite or polar end. One side of the dimension creates a defensive climate, while the opposite side creates a supportive climate. The six poles for supportive dimensions and its polar opposite are description versus evaluation, problem orientation versus control, spontaneity versus strategy, empathy versus neutrality, equality versus superiority, and provisionalism versus certainty. “All of the dimensions supportive and defensive climates are valid factors in determining the…...

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