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1. (a) Why are the retailers suffering and closing? Is it something they are doing? Not doing? Or is the decline inevitable?
To make a sustainable and competitive advantage or to create own valuable brand it is very important to be a successful retail business. Those retailers who is current suffering or almost closing just because the online shopping has long been the public recognition (Berman, 2016). But from my point of views, I do not believe that the traditional retailing store could be totally replaced by the online store, but more and more retailing store face to closing. So there are some reasons for those store who were beat to closing by the online shopping. First, mostly they do not have a clear target or the market strategy. Such as the Brent Coope who owns his own business at Westfield’s Albany mall. He paid almost $250,000 a year just for the lease his shop. The online store may just need to pay 1/1000 of that payment. Their strategy is to sell the most fashionable brands like Superdry. But those brands are everywhere online now. So that makes his store are not competitive. Second, the online shopping and the traditional shopping provide different service to the customers. For example, the online shopping could spend less time for the customers and they might also get a better price than the traditional store. But the traditional store could provide some service which could not be replaced by the online shopping such as if you want to buy a shirt, online store has the picture could show the shirt, but nobody can try the picture shirt. So how does the customer know if it suitable for him or not? Finally, the decline is not inevitable, on one hand, the traditional store could provide more working opportunity for the people who hunt for job. On the other hand, most of the European premium brands do not accept the online store. They only provide their…...

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