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Competitiveness is described variably depending on the person in question. Some inquire that competitiveness is a virtue acquired by workers in an attempt to be the best in their field, while others insist that competition is but an instinct, bound by blood and instilled into all beings, size and shape disregarded. Every day, you and I compete, simply to live in optimal conditions. Though we may or may not literally fight for or against others, competitiveness is accepted as persistence, the strive for perfection, and understanding that one can always achieve more. Understanding the human nature of competitiveness and how it can be turned into an advantage is paramount to becoming the strongest version of oneself.

Social individualism drives the idea of competition; the person that you are differs from your friend, neighbor, and family member. Despite the possibility that all three of these categories could possess traits that belittle some aspects of your personality, one cannot help but have something that they do not. This can be molded into motivation, because persistence will allow you to overcome your weaknesses and hone them until they become strengths, akin to the predator becomes prey or a brother in arms perceiving you as a lifeline. Fervently working at your pace toward a goal and refusing to let it escape your sights, competing with the man trying to take your job will lay that job in your place. Allowing yourself to persist and take what is rightfully yours brings you leaps and bounds towards becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Humanity was created under the premise of potential and prospered as such through competition. Vast empires conquered kingdom after kingdom, charting unknown territory to live as eloquently as permitted, to be an unrelenting, recognized force to all. Physique; however, is meaningless without knowledge. Written…...

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