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Assessment Centers

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International Journal of Selection and Assessment

Volume 17 Number 3 September 2009

Guidelines and Ethical Considerations for Assessment Center Operations1
International Task Force on Assessment Center Guidelines2
This document is an update of several prior editions of guidelines and ethical considerations for assessment center operations dating back to 1975. Each set of guidelines was developed and endorsed by specialists in the research, development, and implementation of assessment centers. The guidelines are a statement of the considerations believed to be most important for all users of the assessment center method. For instance, the use of job-related simulations is a core concept when using the method. Job simulation exercises allow individuals to demonstrate their abilities in situations that are important on the job. As stressed in these guidelines, a procedure should not be represented as an assessment center unless it includes at least one, and usually several, job-related simulations that require the assessee to demonstrate a constructed behavioral response. Other important areas include assessor selection and training, using ‘competencies’ as dimensions to be assessed, validation, participants’ rights, and the incorporation of technology into assessment center programs. The current guidelines discuss a number of considerations in developing and using assessment centers in diverse cultural settings.

1. Purpose

staff of an assessment center; and (4) guidance on the use of technology in assessments.


his document’s intended purpose is to establish professional guidelines and ethical considerations for users of the assessment center method. These guidelines are designed to cover both existing and future applications. The title ‘assessment center’ is restricted to those methods that follow these guidelines. These guidelines will provide:…...

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