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FAssignment 1: Grading Summary|
Part|Marks Available|Marks Obtained|

Part I: Financial Calculator Exercises (33 marks)

The table on the next page contains practice examples as well as the questions for Assignment 1: Part I. (For a detailed description of each column in this table, see “How do I Read the Table?” below.)
1. Work through each example in Column B on your financial calculator.
2. Check your answer with the one provided (Column C).
3. Look to the right side of the yellow column-divider and work through the corresponding assignment question (Column E).
· Note: Each numbered practice example corresponds to the same numbered assignment question (e.g., practice example 1: “Chain calculations – to the power of” with the calculation of (8 x 2)2 corresponds to the assignment Question 1 that asks you to calculate (1+0.25)8).
· If you can do the practice example, you should be able to do the corresponding assignment question.
4. Pay careful attention when reading questions that include multiple sets of brackets (e.g., assignment question 6). These can be confusing, so work through them carefully.
5. To record your solutions, put your answer in Column F, on the same row as the assignment question. See example for Question 1: (1+0.25)8).
6. Don’t be alarmed by the number of questions! You will likely be able to complete the work more quickly than you think.
7. There are 33 questions in Part I. Each question is worth 1% of the total marks for Assignment 1.

How Do I Read the Table?
Start from the far left-hand column and read across each row. We’ll refer to Example #10 in our descriptions below.

· Column A: number of the task (e.g., 10)
· Column B: title of the task (e.g., Calculating basic loan interest). Below this title is the description and data for the practice example. (In Example 10; N = 20…...

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