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Organizational Behavior
Aston Blair’s WAC

Team members: * Michael Bacon (task force leader, had good relations with most of the task force members instead of Mier. Lacked the qualities of a good leader). * Vicki Reiss (Representative of the corporate planning, enjoyed good relations with Bacon. Was well known for her analytical ability, quickness and perceptiveness). * Robert Holt (Rep of Corporate Planning, known for competence, knowledge and thoughtfulness). * Peter Ratliff (Rep of marketing division). * Charles Paulson (Rep of marketing division). * David Kolinsky (rep of marketing). * Emile Bodin (Rep of Sales division, worked hard to find out the problems but wanted to save his boss embarrassment). * Randy Mier (Rep of Economic Analysis and Economic Forecasting, had a personal conflict with Bacon, felt jealous of him, his department was notorious for poor economic forecasting).

Problems & their reasons: * Improper sales forecasting. * Slow in responding. * Poor management and planning. * They are sticky to the old trends. No innovation in the product line could be seen. * Weak team structure and effectiveness. * Weak communication. * Early consensus was developed. (In the first meeting). * Isolation was also a problem as the team did not interact with the outside people. * Only the product managers were involved in the task force who made the final forecasts. The market managers were not included in it that was actually resistant to any changes. * The professionals had no interest in the task force. This can be seen in the relationship of Bacon and Mier. The working relation of Bacon and Mier was described to be “less than satisfying” as they had several arguments regarding different issues. * The team members knew little…...

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