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At the moment... He must be so lonely right now. There must be no spark in his eyes right now. There must be no melody within his voice. Just a piece of strength running through his veins. Sad songs echo in his soul and continue to rip his heart. His world must be weary right now. His spirit must be chilled right now. The memories keep on coming back, tears flow as swift as Mercury and continuous like the waters bounded by Poseidon. His heart must be enraged by whirlwinds right now. Lightning strikes, thunder roars and fire sets. The pain must be eating him right now. His clenched fist trying to avast every sign of hurt that ruptures every inch of vim. I can see his eyes swallowed by ache and yearning. His body must be a lifeless life right now, his whole being stunned by a tragedy that comes not with notice, come in a blink of an eye, in a tick of the time.

I wonder what he's doing right now. I wonder what he's talking, to whom and where. I wonder if someone is wiping the tears that dries in his eyes right now. I wonder if someone is whispering those words that can somehow at least reduce the pain that crashes through him. I wonder if someone embraces him the way I want him to feel safe and not alone. I wonder if someone sings him the melody that can melt his fears away and soothes him to sleep, in peace, in tranquility, in ardor.

Even if I know that there are thousands of people trying to cheer him, I can feel the loneliness and there's this wanting in me to hug him and comfort him myself. I want to travel the distance, to run to his side and tell him I care. I want to catch every teardrop of grief from his precious kinky eyes. I want to throw every curse from his red red lips and drown them into the deepest world of Hades. I want to dethrone the sadness that reigns in his heart. I want to do all of these things despite knowing that I can't. The impossible rages to my mind. The impossible attacks my soul that I can feel the massive weight of grief. I feel my share of torment by my love.

Right now, I just pray that the sun may shine its brightest ray of hope for him to be alive. I wish for the rain to pour so hard for him to cool his burning, aching fiery benevolence. I must command the fire to give him enough strength to conquer every struggle and woe. And for the earth to bury all of his agony, engross the pangs of lament and dry the little droplets in his burdened soul. I'll bring my soul's earnest kisses of fervor, I'll shoot the flames of my love to him at any land his destiny may bring him at any moment, at the moment.…...

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