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Automated Process of an Ais

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Automated Process of AIS
Bethany Robertson, Euleuterio Silva, Jacqueline Wright, Jorge Cuamba
January 19, 2015
Jana Highwart

Automated Process of AIS
Kudler Fine Foods is a company that is looking to expand and integrate their accounting software. Accuracy and the ability to have all locations communicate are essential in the decisions of the direction the company. Software that caters to the majority needs of the company will facilitate the recording process and increase the accuracy of such action. There are several types of accounting information systems the company could use. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages on the development and usage of the software. The company has many issues to consider in deciding which type of software to use. The main goal of the upgrade in the software is to increase profitability, efficiency, and structure.
Rationale and Analysis for Industry Specific-Software
Custom software is more expensive in comparison to industry-specific software. Weighing in the cost factor in choosing software to use is one aspect to consider but one should not just use cost as the only deciding factor.
The industry-specific software offers a solution right out of the box. The competitor is most likely using industry-specific software so that means the industry software available has already had the bugs and issues fixed once it is received. “If you have a common business, like a restaurant, there are generally canned software solutions available that are already proven to be effective for your organization’s purpose” (Cohn, 2014, para. 11). The availability of having problem free software as opposed to the unknown of custom software is a huge advantage.
Another advantage of industry-specific software is having the ability to sculpt the software to suit the company rather than sculpting the company to suit the software.…...

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