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College of Arts & Sciences
B.A. Chemistry
2014-2015 Texas Common Course Numbering System Transfer Guide
The College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to explore teaching at the secondary level as a career option. Students seeking secondary teacher certification should contact the Teach North Texas Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences expects students to have completed the Texas State recommended high school program and be ready to enroll in Language 2040 (TCCNS: Language 2311). If you are not prepared for this level, the necessary prerequisites will either replace electives or increase the hours required for this degree.

Courses Recommended for Transfer
The UNT Core requirements, with the exception of American History and Government/Political Science, and the College & Major requirements are shown with Texas Common Course Numbering System values only when UNT offers equivalent courses. There may be other courses in transfer that apply toward the specific degree requirement, but those listed are known to apply.

UNT Core: Communication
ENGL 1301; and ENGL 1302 or 2311 A grade of 'C' or better is required on courses applied toward this requirement.

UNT Core: Capstone
The Capstone Core requirement is unique to UNT and will be fulfilled by an advanced course at UNT. Note: The Core Capstone courses are under review by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and are subject to change.

UNT Core: Mathematics
This requirement will be met by fulfilling the B.A. Chemistry major mathematics requirement (see next column).

College of Arts & Sciences Core: Foreign Language
Any foreign language 2311 and 2312. Courses must be taken in the same language.

UNT Core: Life & Physical Sciences
This requirement will be met by fulfilling the B.A. Chemistry major requirements (see next column).

NOTE: Prerequisites for foreign language 2311 and 2312 courses are 1311 and 1312 or 1411 and 1412 or 1511 and 1512. Placement exams may be available; see your community college academic advisor for details.

UNT Core: American History
Two courses chosen from: HIST 1301, 1302, 2301

B.A. Chemistry: Major requirements

UNT Core: Government/Political Science
GOVT 2305 and 2306

   

CHEM 1411 or 1311/1111 CHEM 1412 or 1312/1112 CHEM 2423 or 2123/2323 (approved substitution) CHEM 2425 or 2125/2325 (approved substitution)

Courses listed above are TCCNS options and do not include all courses required for the UNT B.A. Chemistry major.

UNT Core: Creative Arts
One course chosen from: ARTS 1301 or 1304; DRAM 1310; MUSI 1306 or 1307; SPCH 2341

B.A. Chemistry: Other Course Requirements

   

UNT Core: Language, Philosophy and Culture
One course chosen from: ENGL 2332 or 2333; HIST 2321 or 2322; PHIL 1301, 1304, 2303, 2306, or 2316

MATH 2313 or 2413 or 2513 (fulfills both Mathematics core and major requirements) MATH 2314 or 2414 PHYS 1401 or 1301/1101 and PHYS 1402 or 1302/1102, or PHYS 2425 or 2325/2125 and PHYS 2426 or 2326/2126 One course from the Natural/Life Sciences ANTH 2401 BIOL 1406 or BIOL 1407 or BIOL 1408 or BIOL 1409 or BIOL 1424 or BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2402 or BIOL 2406 or 2106/2306 ENVR 1401 or 1101/1301 ENVR 1402 or 1102/1302 GEOL 1401 or 1101/1301 GEOL 1402 or 1102/1302 GEOL 1403 or 1103/1303 GEOL 1404 or 1104/1304 GEOL 1405 or 1105/1305 GEOL 1445 or 1145/1345

UNT Core: Social & Behavioral Sciences
One course chosen from: ANTH 2346 or 2351; COMM 1307; CRIJ 1301; ECON 2301 or 2302; GEOG 1303; PSYC 2301; SOCI 1301; SPCH 1318; TECA 1354

UNT Core: Discovery
One course chosen from: ARTS 1301; BIOL/HECO 1322; COMM 1307; MATH 2305 or 2405; SPCH 1311 or 1315; TECA 1303

1106/1306 1107/1307 1108/1308 1109/1309 1124/1324 2101/2301 2102/2302

Courses listed above are TCCNS options and do not include all courses required for the UNT Chemistry Major.

Last Revised: June 16, 2014 Last Revised: June 16, 2014

College of Arts & Sciences
B.A. Chemistry
2014-2015 Texas Common Course Numbering System Transfer Guide
Teacher Certification Option
The College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to explore teaching at the secondary level as a career option. A higher GPA may be required for the certification option. For more information contact the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Student Advising at 940-565-2051.

Special Notes
Hours Required and General/College Requirements: A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as specified in the General University Requirements section of the UNT catalog and the College of Arts & Sciences requirements UNT Core Curriculum/Transfer of Core Curriculum: UNT complies with the mandates of the 1997 Texas Legislature regarding requirements for state-assisted institutions. Students who successfully complete the common core curriculum (in whole or in part) at a Texas state-assisted institution of higher education are eligible to transfer as “core complete” for those categories in the UNT University Core Curriculum. Individual academic programs may require courses contained in parts of the University Core Curriculum. Students who wish to take courses that will fulfill both core and major/program requirements simultaneously should check with academic advisors for assistance in selecting core courses. Choice of Catalog: Any student transferring directly from a Texas public community college to UNT shall have the same choice of catalog designating degree requirements as the student would have had if the dates of attendance at the university had been the same as the dates of attendance at the community college. The College of Arts and Sciences required curriculum and policies are located in the Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015. For additional program and contact information, see the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advising website:

Last Revised: June 16, 2014

College of Arts & Sciences
B.A. Chemistry
2014-2015 Texas Common Course Numbering System Transfer Guide
This four-year plan provides a model for on-time completion of this UNT program using as many TCCNS courses as possible. The four-year plan also shows the first point when no TCCNS options are available for this program. See the current Undergraduate Catalog for course prerequisites. Course availability at UNT is subject to change, and the plan shown below may change based on updates to UNT’s course offerings.

UNT courses noted (#) do not have a TCCNS equivalents, but have approved transferable substitutions. YEAR FALL SEMESTER UNT Requirement F R E S H M A N ENGL 1310 CHEM 1410/1430 or CHEM 1412#/1430 or CHEM 1413#/1430 Foreign Language 2040 MATH 1710 TCCNS Option ENGL 1301 SPRING SEMESTER UNT Requirement TECM 2700 (recommended) or ENGL 1320 CHEM 1420/1440 or CHEM 1422#/1440 or CHEM 1423#/1440 Foreign Language 2050 MATH 1720 UNT Core: Discovery TCCNS Option ENGL 2311 (recommended) or ENGL 1302 CHEM 1412 or 1312/1112 Foreign Language 2312 MATH 2314 or 2414 See list of approved courses

CHEM 1411 or 1311/1111 Foreign Language 2311 MATH 2313 or 2413 or 2513


FALL SEMESTER UNT Requirement TCCNS Option CHEM 2423 or 2123/2323 See list of approved courses PHYS 1401 or 1301/1101 or PHYS 2425 or 2325/2125

SPRING SEMESTER UNT Requirement CHEM 2380/3220# UNT Core: American History PHYS 1420/1440 or PHYS 1520#/1540# or PHYS 2220/2240 UNT Core: Creative Arts Elective TCCNS Option CHEM 2425 or 2125/2325 See list of approved courses PHYS 1402 or 1302/1102 or PHYS 2426 or 2326/2126 See list of approved courses Consult UNT advisor


CHEM 2370/3210# UNT Core: American History PHYS 1410/1430 or PHYS 1510#/1530# or PHYS 1710/1730 UNT Core: Language, Philosophy and Culture

See list of approved courses


FALL SEMESTER UNT Requirement CHEM 3451/3452 TCCNS Option None See list of approved courses None

SPRING SEMESTER UNT Requirement CHEM (advanced) UNT Core: Government/ Political Science Elective (advanced) Elective (advanced) None TCCNS Option None See list of approved courses


UNT Core: Government/ Political Science CHEM (advanced) Elective (advanced) UNT Core: Social & Behavioral Sciences

See list of approved courses

Elective (advanced)


FALL SEMESTER UNT Requirement TCCNS Option Consult UNT advisor None See list of approved courses Consult UNT advisor

SPRING SEMESTER UNT Requirement Elective UNT Core: Capstone Elective (advanced) Elective (advanced) None TCCNS Option Consult UNT advisor


Elective CHEM (4000 level) Elective (advanced) CAS Core: Natural/Life Sciences Elective (Advanced)

Last Revised: June 16, 2014…...

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