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Company Cases

JetBlue: Delighting Customers Through Happy Jetting 1. The needs, wants, and demands are essentials in marketing on how will we know what the customers want to have to become more satisfactory. In the case the needs of JetBlue is more opportunity to create new kinds of services for them to recover from the incident on 2007. The wants is that they want to have the highest satisfactory of the customers so that they can improve on what the customers have problems on the services. The demand is they need to be a high standard airline to maintain their name because of the incident on 2007. 2. JetBlue really want to have good relationships with their customers so to achieve these they need to have products. They have many products so that the customers will not be bored because their products are so interesting and very well handled. So in exchange with the transactions of the customers is the service that JetBlue gives and these services give more satisfaction to the customers and make more money to do more products that they sell. 3. Product Concept because JetBlue aims to have good relationship with their customers with a profitable income and because of their new services offer customers are easily attracted to fly with them. 4. The value that JetBlue create for its customer is respect because this is where starts. If the employee treat the customers bad the name of the airline will be bad. Treating the customers with respect will earn them the highest satisfactory for the company. 5. Yes, because JetBlue have so many services that they can offer to the customers which will make the customers more attracted to the airline with their employees that are very polite to assist the…...

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