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Gosh This Essay Smells Bad
In the article “Shitty First Drafts”, by Anne Lamott, she argues that writing is not such an easy task, especially for professional writers in the writing process. She claims that writing takes time and everyone must start from somewhere to become a better writer. Writing can be difficult for experienced and inexperienced writers. I agree with Lamot that writing in a process is not easy because writing can be frustrating, finding motivation to write and catching the reader's attention. Now don't get me wrong writing sounds easy but it's much more complicated than it sounds. Writing actually frustrates me. Writing a first draft or prewrite can lead to frustration just sitting there with a blank page in front of you. It takes me minutes or even hours just thinking about how to write a paper. This completely drive me nuts. Even Authors who first started writing novels struggled and got so frustrated at times to write the perfect book in there eyes. It made them want to give up at times. But I believe it's something a experienced or inexperienced writer could overcome and get through to write a good paper.
One thing that certainly got professional writers to write great novels or papers was motivation. Motivation is a major key to writing a great paper. One of people's biggest mistakes when writing is assuming they will receive a bad grade or bad review for their work. When they

assume this it usually causes them to stress out when writing. For example, when I am writing I tend to be confident and positive that I will receive a good grade. It motivates me and keeps me going. So should it do to others.
Although having all the motivation in the world becoming a great writer does not simply happen overnight, it takes the time and effort for someone to master the skill and talent. As
Lamott says, “ Everyone must go through writing a shitty first draft to write a great paper”.
Which she is completely right. For example, one of many important steps to writing is catching the reader's attention. Catching the reader's attention is an important factor to having a good paper. They stay interested and wanting to read more of your paper or novel. It is also important that you want your reader to stay focused and not lose track of what they are reading. For instance, When I'm writing a paper I always stay on topic and go based off the thesis statement.
Going off the thesis statement will always prevail that you're off to the right track on writing your paper.

Writing will always be difficult there is no way around it. But writing is something we

can must overcome. When being frustrated on how to write a great a paper that it's so important to have motivation and being positive to write a great paper. Being negative and down all the time will only prevent you from achieving your goal to becoming a better writer. Following up on your thesis statement will always prevail on succeeding and writing a good paper. Last but not least always catch the reader's attention even starting from the title of your paper. A catchy title will always spark interest in the reader's eyes. Their interest plays a big role. Always remember a experienced or inexperienced writer will always go through a tough time writing

their first draft but if you follow up on a writing process just like lamott did you will successed.
Even for me typing this paper was a struggle.…...

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