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Bcom275 Week #3 Individual Assignment - Article Rebuttal

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Article Rebuttal
October 1st, 2012
Kai Hintze

Article Rebuttal
When thinking of a controversial matter which happened recently in America what first comes to mind is maybe not the most important thing to be worried about right now; however it is what entertains many Americans and that is football. Most articles found about the last game that replacement referees officiated are very controversial as the only people that really know what happened that night are the refs and the players which were on the field. There is no way to find credible information including watching a replay numerous times.
The article states numerous times that the call which was called a touchdown should not have been called that and it is hard to side with either way do to the facts surrounding the situation. Unfortunately many individuals believe that these refs were not properly trained and are blaming it on the refs themselves for taking the job or the short training they may have received. But fans, particular those in Wisconsin, said the 52-year-old southern California banker with no previous professional or major college refereeing experience should have never left his desk to become a replacement during the NFL’s lockout of unionized refs (Walder & Hutchinson, 2012). I can agree that one certain ref took this job with only three days of training preparing him for Division I college football; however it could be a disagreement that due to that short of time he was not ready to ref in the National Football League. In the article one gentleman says, “We have a lot of respect for our officials, but we felt the officiating was not in line with our expectations.” (Walder & Hutchinson, 2012). They speak very briefly of previous experience and in fact say numerous times that three days is not enough for any person to become a certified ref. That is a very…...

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